Earl Grey Milk Tea Recipe

Earl Grey Milk Tea Recipe

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Prepare this creamy Earl Grey Milk Tea recipe for a warm cup of comfort brought from the coastal regions of the Lonian Sea!

Originally called Bergamot tea, its dried black tea leaves are sprayed with essential oil derived from the fruit of the Bergamia Citrus tree.

At times, they are mixed with dry Bergamot rinds. Thus, this tea infuses a uniquely subtle citrus flavor!

Learn how to make earl grey milk tea by following these steps:


  • 2 cups of filtered water
  • 4 teaspoon Earl Grey tea loose leaves (or 4 teabags)
  • 2 cups low-fat milk (room temperature)
  • 1 teaspoon organic cane sugar (optional)


  • First, fill a saucepan with water, place it on the stove over a high flame, and bring it to a boil.
  • When the water starts bubbling, add the tea leaves, and let it steep for 3-5 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, heat the milk in a separate pan. Then, pour the hot milk into the teacups.
  • After the tea steeping time is up, pour it into the milk.

Lastly, add some sugar if desired. Stir and enjoy while warm!


  • For a vegan Earl Grey tea, switch the regular dairy milk with almond or soy milk. Other than that, you can also use powdered milk if preferred.
  • Avoid adding cold milk to a cup of earl grey tea as this particular tea leaf contains bergamot essential oil which can result in milk curdling.
  • This tea tastes yummy as chilled too! If you want to make an iced earl grey milk tea, simply pour it into a glass and add ice cubes.


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