Tomato Sauce vs Pizza Sauce: What’s the Difference?

Tomato Sauce vs Pizza Sauce

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What exactly is the difference between the two? Today we are comparing tomato sauce vs pizza sauce.


  • Tomato sauce
  • Pizza sauce


  1. Tomato sauce’s main ingredient is always tomato. However, pizza sauce’s primary ingredient is not necessarily tomato, as it can also be pesto or cream, depending on the type of pizza.
  2. Tomato sauce is pure red and has a thick texture, while pizza sauce is orange and has a thinner, occasionally creamy texture.
  3. Tomato sauce is a multi-purpose sauce suitable for a variety of recipes, while pizza sauce is, for the most part, exclusively used as a spread on pizzas.
  4. Finally, tomato sauce is from Mexico, while pizza sauce is from Italy.
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