Can You Freeze Scrambled Eggs? (Updated 2023)

Can You Freeze Scrambled Eggs

Can you freeze scrambled eggs? If you have leftovers or just want to make a big batch of scrambled eggs to save time and effort, freezing scrambled eggs will help. And don’t worry, the taste won’t change when frozen.

If you are wondering how to freeze scrambled eggs, this article will guide you through the process.

Also, you will learn how to thaw and reheat your scrambled eggs when it is time to eat them. You will get some tips on how to store them properly and discover their shelf life.

Can You Freeze Scrambled Eggs?

Can You Freeze Scrambled Eggs

Yes, scrambled eggs can be frozen. However, take note that the texture will not be the same when reheated.

Because of the heating process, cooked food loses a certain amount of moisture. Then, any excess moisture in cooked food expands when frozen. When you thaw the eggs, this moisture will seep out. The cooked food’s cell walls are affected by the freezing process, and the moisture is not preserved well.

How to Freeze Scrambled Eggs?

Cook the scrambled eggs until they are slightly underdone or runny. This way you will reduce texture differences when freezing them. The eggs can maintain their softness after being defrosted and reheated since they are just cooked until partly done.

On the other hand, if you cook the scrambled eggs thoroughly or well done, the dish may turn dry and spongy after reheating.

Let the cooked scrambled eggs cool before you pack them for freezing. If you expect leftovers, split the dish into two portions. Set aside one for serving and the other for freezing.

Then, prepare a resealable plastic bag. Scoop the scrambled eggs into the plastic bag with care. Before sealing, squeeze out as much air as possible.

Label the bag with the date you cooked the eggs. 

Additional Tips when Freezing Scrambled Eggs

  • Individually Store Servings of Scrambled Eggs: Make separate individual servings of scrambled eggs to store in the freezer. This way you do not have to thaw a whole batch if you only need a small serving.
  • Use Air-Tight Bags: Freezer burn can occur if the scrambled eggs are exposed to the freezer environment. When reheated, freezer-burnt eggs can lose moisture and have a coarse texture, so always use air-tight bags for storage.
  • Lay the Scrambled Eggs Flat: Not only can storing them flat save space in your freezer, but it will also provide you with another benefit. When reheating the eggs, you can lay them flat in the pan. They will cook evenly, reheat faster, and have a consistent texture.
  • Discard Scrambled Eggs Left at Room Temperature for Two Hours: Scrambled eggs left at room temperature for over two hours should not be preserved as the risk of contamination is very high.
  • Do Not Keep Scrambled Eggs in the Freezer Door: Alternating temperatures from opening and closing the freezer door can spoil your eggs. Instead, store your eggs in the coldest part of the freezer. 

Scrambled Eggs

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long Is the Shelf Life for Scrambled Eggs?

Scrambled eggs can only last four days in the refrigerator. On the other hand, the dish can be stored in the freezer for at least four to six months. However, you should consume the scrambled eggs as soon as possible. To enjoy the best taste, eat them immediately.

How to Thaw Frozen Scrambled Eggs?

Allow the frozen scrambled eggs to thaw overnight in the refrigerator. Alternatively, you may immerse the sealed bag of frozen scrambled eggs in a bowl of water. The thawing process will be faster this way.

Keep in mind that you should never leave scrambled eggs to thaw at room temperature. 

How to Reheat Scrambled Eggs?

You may reheat the scrambled eggs on the stove using low heat. Or you can opt to warm them in the oven, although this can make the eggs harder.

In Conclusion

You can freeze scrambled eggs. If you like scrambled eggs but have little time to make them, or you want to stock up, freezing them is a wise choice.

It is important that you properly cook the scrambled eggs so the final product remains tasty after being thawed and reheated. To achieve delicious results, follow the cooking, storing, freezing, thawing, and reheating tips this article presented.


How to Freeze Scrambled Eggs

Can you freeze scrambled eggs? If you have leftovers or just want to make a big batch of scrambled eggs to save time and effort, freezing scrambled eggs will help. And don’t worry, the taste won’t change when frozen.

Learn how to freeze scrambled eggs by following the steps below:

  • Author: Recipe Marker
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1 Serving
  • Category: Freeze
  • Method: Freeze
  • Cuisine: Meal


  • Eggs
  • Whisk
  • Bowl
  • Unsalted butter
  • Saute pan
  • Resealable plastic bag


  1. Crack the eggs into a bowl then lightly beat with a whisk.
  2. Place a saute pan on medium heat over the stove then add the unsalted butter.
  3. Once the butter has melted, pour in the eggs and cook for 2 minutes whilst stirring continuously.
  4. Transfer the cooked scrambled eggs to a bowl and allow them to cool completely.
  5. Scoop the scrambled eggs into a resealable plastic bag then remove as much air as possible and seal the bag.
  6. Place the plastic bag into the freezer for four to six months.
  7. To reheat, allow the frozen scrambled eggs to thaw overnight in the refrigerator then place them into a saute pan and warm over low heat.

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