Can You Use Cast Iron on an Electric Stove?

Can You Use Cast Iron on Electric Stove

Can You Use Cast Iron on an Electric Stove? Read on to find out.

Cookware is crucial in the process of cooking. With new innovations and modern kitchen equipment, it’s easy to find all sorts of kitchenware for all types of cooking methods.

Cast iron is surely one of the best materials to have in your kitchen arsenal because it’s versatile and durable.

In addition, to use on gas stoves, cast iron cookware is also compatible with other kitchen equipment.

What Is Cast Iron

what is a Cast Iron

You can easily tell if cookware is made from cast iron by its weight and the length of time it takes to heat up.

Compared to lighter pans, this cookware also takes longer to cool down as it absorbs more heat.

A cast-iron skillet is also perfect for sautéing, making desserts, and almost any other dish.

This material is renowned for its even heat distribution and ability to maintain heat.

It’s also more affordable than other materials like aluminum.

When it comes to durability, cast iron stands out as it’s chemically bonded to withstand scratches and dents.

The downside of this kind of cookware is the metallic flavor you can get from unseasoned spots in the pan.

Take note that the more seasoned your cast iron pan is, the better flavor it’s going to give whatever you’re cooking.

Meanwhile, the upkeep is also another downside as you can’t use soap to clean the pan.

It’s best to rinse with hot water while scrubbing with a stiff brush.

For stubborn food debris, use hot or boiling water, letting it stand for a few minutes before scrubbing.

Also remember not to air dry cast iron, instead, use a towel to pat the surface dry.

If you need a thorough clean, you can use soap as long as you re-season the material.

Simply preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, clean with hot soapy water, scrub, and dry.

Spread oil on the entire surface, place upside down on the oven and bake for one hour.

Let it cool inside the oven completely and take it out after 5 to 8 hours.

Can You Use Cast Iron on Electric Stove

Can You Use Cast Iron on Electric Stove

To answer whether you can use cast iron on an electric stove: yes.

Because this is a pretty versatile material, it works on almost all cooking equipment.

Cooking with an electric stove may slow down the process, but it still works.

In short, you need to be patient when it comes to cooking with an electric stove.

When doing so, make sure not to slide the pan onto the stove.

Be extra gentle when handling this cookware to prevent chipping the stovetop.

Remove the cast iron immediately after cooking to prevent marks and stains.

Wipe the electric stovetop, too, after every use to clean it.

For cooking, be patient with the temperature and wait for the heat to rise.

Most electric stove owners will want to turn up the temperature, but this will only burn the food.

Therefore, it’s recommended to lower the heat when using a cast iron pan.

Wait for several minutes until the surface is hot.

The surface of a cast-iron pan is nonstick.

However, unlike regular nonstick pans, a cast-iron skillet isn’t susceptible to scratches on its surface.

In fact, you can use metal to scrap the food out of the pan. It’s that easy to use, totally versatile, and easy to maintain.

Another safety tip when cooking with a cast iron is to use oven mitts, as the handle is also made from the same material.

If you want to avoid burns, make sure the handle is covered.

Some cast-iron skillets and pans have a protective handle, so there’s no need for mitts.


Cast iron skillets and pans are incredibly easy to use, have endless applications, and are a breeze to maintain.

If you have an electric stove at home, now you know you can use cast iron on an electric stove.

Just make sure to be patient with the heat and gentle with your cookware.

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