5 Best Dutch Bros Tea Flavors! (Ranked in 2024)

Best Dutch Bros Tea Flavors

Are you trying to decide what Dutch Bros Tea to try next? Stick around as we share a list of the most popular Dutch Bros Tea flavors below.

Iced tea is a healthy, thirst-quenching summer drink. And in the United States, there’s this company that offers exciting tea flavors to the market.

As a drive-thru coffee shop, Dutch Bros provides consumers with a wide selection of beverages.

About Dutch Bros Company

Best Dutch Bros Tea Flavors

Dutch Bros. Coffee is a U.S. drive-thru chain. It’s based in Grants Pass, Oregon, having company-owned and franchise sites around the west. 

Dane and Travis Boersma, two brothers working in the dairy business with Dutch heritage, established Dutch Bros on February 12th, 1992.

In 1999, the firm began franchising. To become a Dutch Bros franchisee, you had to have worked for the firm for a minimum of three years prior to applying for a franchise with them.

This was implemented in 2008. Only 3% of Dutch Bros franchise sites closed between 2010 and 2015, resulting in a franchise continuity rate of 97%.

As of 2017, Dutch Bros no longer has any franchised locations and now operates solely through its own stores.

Not until June 2021, there were 264 Dutch Bros franchises and 207 company-owned locations. Franchisees that fail to meet the corporation’s high standards for customer service have been bought out by the company in the past.

Dutch Bros, like many other caffeine businesses, serves a wide variety of beverages, including coffee, energy drinks, teas, and milkshake-like beverages.

Their tea series is one of their most popular beverages. Now, let’s find out what are the best tea flavors they have and why people love them.

Best Dutch Bros Tea Flavors

1. Marmalade

The zesty, fruity, and floral flavors of orange, ruby red grapefruit, and sweet strawberry are all brought together in the Dutch Bros Marmalade tea.

Whether you’re relaxing on the beach or sunbathing, this drink is the perfect companion.

This Marmalade tea is ideal if you enjoy the flavor profile of beverages such as passion tea, lemonade, or any other citrus-based beverage.

2. Green Tea Lemonade

One of Dutch Bros’ most popular cold green tea includes lemonade. It’s the ideal beverage for a day at the pool or a picnic.

This refreshing lightly flavored drink provides a little boost of energy because green tea has some caffeine in it.

Green tea also has some health benefits like helping with digestion and regulating body temperature. 

3. Tropical Tea

Passionfruit, coconut, and blue raspberry syrups are used in Dutch Bros Tropical Tea.

Whether you want a cup of iced or hot tea, you may choose from either green or black tea. You can get your caffeine fix from black tea if you don’t like coffee.

Although it lacks caffeine, green tea is a pleasant beverage with several health advantages.

If you’re looking for a cup of tea with flavors like passionfruit, peach, or strawberry, you may choose from Dutch Bros.

4. Sweet Sunrise

Dutch Bros Sweet Sunrise Paris tea is a popular beverage made with peach, passion fruit, orange, and banana.

It is a refreshing black tea infused with a flavorful and sweet combination of fruits.

Aside from being a go-to Paris tea for the summer season, this beverage is also nutritious since it offers all the combined benefits that you can get from peach and other fruits used to create this drink.

5. OG Gummybear

Pomegranate syrup, passion fruit, watermelon, and grapefruit make up the OG Gummybear from Dutch Bros. Gummybear tea with fruit-infused black tea sends tastes through your mouth you won’t find anywhere else. It is truly a wonderful treat. Your new favorite gummy bear recipe may be made kid-friendly by substituting any caffeine-free tea.

Other Beverages Offered by Dutch Bros

Aside from teas, Dutch Bros offers more exciting and refreshing drinks. From their famous iced coffee to cold brew and everything in between. Dutch Bros. has a wide variety of caffeinated creations.

However, their menu doesn’t stop there. There are several kid-friendly, tasty, and fruity drink options available at Dutch Bros., including Rebel energy drinks and lemonades. Despite the fact that they provide hot coffee, they’re most well-known for their attractive and delectable frozen and iced beverages. They also have a large variety of sugar-free flavorings as well!

Hot, cold, blended, and nitro-infused versions of most of their coffee beverages are all options. There’s a vast “hidden menu” consisting of recipes and tweaks produced by specialty coffee lovers in addition to the extensive menu offering a wide range of choices.

They like keeping up with the latest coffee trends. This well-known coffee shop shines at what they do, and its offers are not only excellent but also distinctive enough to keep customers coming back for more. 


The Dutch Bros coffee chain offers an array of refreshing beverages aside from their famous coffee series.

One of their well-loved series is the Dutch Bros Tea drinks. We hope that the list above helps you decide what tea flavor to try next.


Top 5 Best Dutch Bros Tea Flavors!

Check out this list of the best Dutch Bros Tea flavors to try!

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