How Long Does an Instant Pot Take to Preheat (Updated 2024)

How Long Does Instant Pot Take To Preheat

Before using an instant pot, you must understand the basics of this kitchen appliance. Preheating is among the most important aspects to familiarize yourself with.

How long does an instant pot take to preheat? We will discuss this question here and fill you in on how the preheating process works. 

How Long Does an Instant Pot Take to Preheat?

How Long Does Instant Pot Take To Preheat

Pressure cooking is the primary purpose of an instant pot. The instant pot requires enough time to build up the pressure needed to cook food properly. This is the preheating process.

Your instant pot will reach the pressure state in around 10 to 15 minutes.

However, some factors affect the required amount of preheating for an instant pot.

Preheating time depends on the quantity of food you put in the instant pot.

The more food you have, the longer it takes to preheat. Also, different models and sizes of instant pots have different preheating times.

Take note that the instant pot’s timer will only start once the cooker has reached the necessary level of pressure.

What Types of Pressure Releases Do Instant Pots Have?

pressure releases

It takes time to release pressure from the instant pot, similar to the preheating process.

There are two ways to release pressure from your instant pot when your cooking has completed.

  • Fast Release

A fast release means you let out the pressure by pressing the steam release button. This action will cause the pressure to release quickly and easily. In fact, it will depressurize in just a couple of minutes.

You can use fast release when you are cooking delicate foods that don’t take long to cook. However, when you are cooking hard foods, do not use fast-release, or the food won’t cook properly. 

  • Slow Release

A slow-release means letting the pot rest for a while and allowing the pressure to release gradually. This is important since certain conditions require a slow release of pressure, such as when cooking fresh food.

This method is especially suitable when cooking beans or meat. 

This method allows your instant pot to expel the stored pressure on its own. It may take some time, but it will ensure that your food cooks thoroughly.

Keep in mind to consider the release time in your overall cooking schedule.

What to Do When Your Instant Pot is Stuck On Preheat

Several circumstances can cause you to get stuck in the preheating process. 

The instant pot’s display panel will show ON while the machine is in preheat mode. It then pressurizes and begins the preheating process.

Afterward, the instant pot turns on the timer until it reaches the appropriate temperature.

If the timer does not switch on after preheating, you must do some checking and address the issues to get your instant pot cooking.

  • Check for and Fix a Broken or Misaligned Sealing Ring of the Instant Pot

If the instant pot’s sealing ring is broken, it will not pressurize. If this happens, it will stay in preheat mode continuously trying to achieve pressure. 

Check the sealing ring to ensure it is in decent form and working properly. After every 12 to 16 months, you should examine the seals and replace them if they appear damaged.

Many people buy two sealing rings so they have an extra on hand. You can also alternate use depending on what foods you’re making. 

  • Seal the Release Valve of the Instant Pot

Another issue that can cause the preheat cycle to stay on is failing to seal the release valve. The pot will not pressurize if it is venting.

Therefore, check whether you’ve set the valve right. You will find some steam coming out of the instant pot as it builds up heat. Make sure it escapes through the float valve rather than the release valve.

When sufficient pressure has been achieved, and steam is no longer releasing, the float valve will immediately close.

The Bottom Line

After reading this article you should have a better understanding of your instant pot’s preheating cycle.

Several factors affect the preheating process. Heating time depends on the pot’s model and size, the amount of food in the pot, and the heating element efficiency.

Now, go use your instant pot confident that you know the basics. 

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