5 Best Blue Lotus Tea Brands Ranked

Best Blue Lotus Tea Brands

Are you looking for the best Blue Lotus Tea to try at home? Check out our list of the most popular Blue Lotus Tea brands available on the market today.

Sleep and relaxation is a vital part of life and one of the best teas that can help achieve optimal rest is no other blue lotus tea. Made from no other than the blue lotus flower, this is said to possess anxiety-reducing properties, improving your overall sleep and wellness.

For those who love to drink tea and want to explore outside the usual, below are some of the best blue lotus teas. From whole flower, loose leaf, to ground teas, you’ll have no shortage of options here.

Best Blue Lotus Tea Brands Ranked

1. Pico Botanica Egyptian Lotus Tea Bags

Pico Botanica Egyptian Blue Lotus Tea

Not everyone wants to lug around a whole flower in their pockets or bags. Pico Botanica brings convenience to the next level with its organic blue lotus flower tea bags.

What sets this Pico Botanica offering off is that drinking this type of tea has become more convenient than ever. Coming in tea bags, this allows you to bring blue lotus tea with you wherever you go. Not to mention, you won’t have to fiddle around with tools and other thingamabobs since all you need to do this pour water and let the tea steep and you’re good to go.

You can go the extra mile by sweetening this floral tea with honey and this will elevate and even complement the taste of the tea. This will help mellow down the earthy and full-bodied taste of the blue lotus flower.

2. TWG Tea Blue Lotus Tea

When it comes to the world of teas, one of the most popular names in the industry is no other than TWG Tea. This brand has become synonymous with high-quality luxury tea, and rightfully so. After all, it is named the finest luxury tea brand in the whole world.

TWG Tea has hundreds, if not thousands, of tea types under their name and this includes the blue lotus tea. Their version consists of a loose-leaf tea that’s designed to be infused or steeped with a strainer.

What’s special about this brand is that apart from the sweet and fruity notes that come from the flower itself, the mix is also combined with some green tea. The green tea complements the strong and robust floral taste of the flowers, lending the beverage some earthiness and somewhat herbaceous notes. There’s also some nuttiness to this drink.

3. Anima Mundi Blue Lotus Tea

Anima Mundi Blue Lotus Tea

If you’re a fan of apothecaries, this old-school approach with bottling up tea might be up your alley. Anima Mundi Apothecary brings its blue lotus tea in loose-leaf form. Ethically sourcing their tea from Thailand, the dried flower petals make for a lovely hue.

Touted by Anima Mundi as the flower of intuition, the company claims blue lotus flower tea to be somewhat euphoric. It can also relieve stress and anxiety. Take this with a grain of salt however and just enjoy its floral and earthy taste.

The vibrant color of the flower is preserved and this brightens up the tea nicely. Be careful not to steep this longer than recommended as this can result in a bitter and more pronounced herbal taste.

4. The Qi Blue Lotus Tea

The Qi Blue Lotus Tea

Another tea and wellness brand that’s worth exploring is The Qi. It is the perfect combination of flavors – floral, earthy, and herbal in all the right ways. The tea also imparts a somewhat nutty taste and this gives the tea an aroma and flavor unlike any other.

It is soothing and complemented by some honey or your sweetener of choice, this will round out all the aforementioned flavors nicely.

Each serving or one flower can make around three cups of tea. As you refill your pot or glass with hot water, you can find the blue lotus flower blossoming and blooming, and its floral taste becomes more subtle over time.

5. Mountain Stream Teas Blue Lotus Blossom Herbal Tea

Mountain Stream Teas’ blue lotus blossom tea is perhaps one of the most beautiful teas out there and for good reason. The blue lotus blossom is preserved and wrapped on its own, allowing it to bloom and become a flower once more when hot water is poured onto it.

Besides its appearance, the taste is also exquisite. Unlike other varieties and brands which have a more prominent earthy taste, Mountain Stream Teas’ version are already sweet and floral. At times, it even has some candied taste to it, with some full-bodied flavor that isn’t overwhelming.

The Bottom Line

Blue lotus tea has many beneficial properties. From helping you sleep and easing the stress and anxiety from your day, this tea can calm you right down and help you get the best sleep yet. Make sure to choose any of these options on the market today and you might just find the bliss you’ve been looking for.

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Best Blue Lotus Tea Brands

5 Best Blue Lotus Tea Brands Ranked

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