Popular Foods That Start With the Letter V

Foods that start with V

Thinking of foods that start with V?

The list seems almost endless, and one can’t possibly mention everything at once with the variety of dishes available around the globe.

Culture is a crucial factor influencing people in making sumptuous dishes, from meat, seafood, vegetables, and fruits.

As new generations dominate the world, more dishes are invented to cater to different tastes.

These days, people also use new cooking appliances to create food, such as the legendary air fryer.

Popular Foods That Start With V

  1. Vienna Sausage

Vienna Sausage

Most know of Vienna sausage, but few realize it pertains to German parboiled sausage made of pork and beef.

Its contents are finely ground to a paste consistency, then mixed with a variety of seasonings and spices like cloves, nutmeg, garlic powder, and red pepper.

The pork and beef go into a thin casing made of sheep’s intestine which is then smoked at a low temperature.

What you find in the grocery store are ready to eat Vienna sausages, but they can be boiled or fried.

Anyone familiar with sausages and hot dogs knows they shouldn’t eat them excessively.

This type of sausage has a particularly high salt and saturated fat content, so eating it on a regular basis isn’t recommended.


  1. Vermicelli Noodles

Vermicelli Noodles - Foods that start with V

Vermicelli noodles are a pasta dish similar to spaghetti, only served with stir-fried vegetables and thin noodle strands.

The noodles are made from maida flour, giving them a sweet flavor note that complements the taste of vegetables.

In English countries, the term Vermicelli refers to little worms, but in Italy, these noodles are distinctly thicker than spaghetti.

Various renditions popped up in other parts of the world, referring to the same maida flour-based strands.

Packed with carbohydrates, Vermicelli noodles make for a good energy source.

They also contain protein to strengthen muscles, and fiber to aid the digestive system.


  1. Vada Pav

Vada Pav

India’s famed potato burger, Vada Pav, tastes incredibly delicious.

Locally, it’s known as wada pao, wada pav, or spelt vada pao, consisting of deep-fried potato dumpling inside the bread.

This dish is native in Maharashta, but became popular across the country. Some people also add spices into the dumpling for added flavor.

The combination of bread and deep-fried potato contains a high carbohydrate content, making it less than healthy.

Frying also adds to the problem, promoting weight gain, diabetes, and heart problems. So, try to simply eat one to two sandwiches infrequently.


  1. Vindaloo

Vindaloo - Foods that start with V

Another Indian delicacy that resembles curry is called Vindaloo. It’s a curry-based food, famous in Vasai, Konkan, and Kerala.

The sauce tastes glorious, made of caramelized onion, curry paste, coconut milk, vinegar, ginger, and other spices.

It has a strong curry flavor, but with a bit of acidity due to the vinegar.

Vindaloo comes with steamed basmati rice, coupled with gravy and meat. Because of the explosion of spices, take it easy on the sauce.


  1. Velvet Beans

Velvet Beans

In tropical Asia and Africa, velvet beans make up a type of tamarind used as a medicinal relief for Parkinson’s disease.

Also known as cowhage, the pods aren’t edible.

The seeds, on the other hand, make good boiled green peanuts and have a sweet taste.

Velvet beans can make you vomit if eaten in high quantities.

They contain a toxin that causes nausea and lightheadedness, so eat them sparingly.


  1. Valerian Tea

Valerian Tea

Those who have trouble sleeping at night and experience anxiety or depression can sip Valerian Tea, an herb that promotes relaxation.

It’s a perennial flowering plant common in Asia and Europe, known to have a sweet scent and earthy notes.

Even though it helps reduce stress, and provides relief for menstrual cramps, you should not drink it in higher quantities.

Doing so results in dizziness, headaches, and stomach problems.


  1. Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée


Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee

The added vanilla beans to crème brûlée make it totally addicting: a perfect light dessert to end a meal.

Overall, vanilla dominates the taste of the spongey dessert, but you can also add fruit for a fruity flavor note.


  1. Victoria Spongecake

Victoria Spongecake

The lovely, buttery flavor of the Victoria Spongecake makes it quite addicting, not to mention its open texture.

This delicious dessert tastes sweet and melts in the mouth.  

The best part is mixing it with other fruits and filling, like raspberries, strawberries, bananas, and buttercream filling.



The foods that start with V are definitely unique and tasteful, so you need to do a lot of exploring to appreciate the carnival of flavors going on.

If you are looking for a dish to serve to your family, just give this list a look.

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