What Does Rabbit Taste Like? (Updated 2024)

What Does Rabbit Taste Like

What does rabbit taste like and how can you eat it?

Read on to find out.

Many see rabbits as pets or nearby wildlife.

These furry animals can bring joy and excitement to just about anyone, especially with their cute and funny personalities.

However, rabbits are also consumed around the globe, particularly in France, China, and Haiti.

While the United States doesn’t condone consuming rabbits, these furry creatures have still wormed their way into the hearts (and appetites) of many.

Although the very idea of eating these adorable balls of fur can seem quite disconcerting, many nations and cultures around the world have good reason to do so.

As a lean meat, rabbit stands as a healthier alternative to other types of meat on the market.

Plus, they are more sustainable and environmentally friendly in the long run.

Still on the fence about eating rabbit, or not quite sure what this animal meat will taste like?

We will give you some ideas.

To learn more about what rabbit tastes like and the ways you can eat it, read on.

Brief Background on Rabbit Consumption

Taste of Rabbit

There is a popular misconception that rabbits were tamed by French monks in 600 A.D.

These monks reportedly used the rabbits as a meat substitute during Lent because Pope Gregory the Great stated newborn or fetal rabbits didn’t count as meat.

This quickly spread across Europe as a type of delicacy and monks took to breeding them.

However, research from Oxford University shows these animals were domesticated during the Paleolithic Age, both in southwest France and the Iberian Peninsula.

Later on, these rabbits rose as a high-status symbol across Europe during the Middle Ages.

Additionally, other studies point to the consumption of rabbits during the Epipaleolithic period in Spain and France.

What Does Rabbit Taste Like

No matter their beginnings, rabbits shifted from free-roaming to domesticated and being raised for food.  

Today, their meat is widely consumed in different parts of the world, with many fascinated by its complex flavor.

Many say rabbit tastes similar to chicken.

While they have a similar texture, the rabbit has an earthier taste combined with a stronger and meatier flavor.

If anything, it has a gamier flavor, similar to what you get when eating lamb.

However, this can vary depending on the type of rabbit in question.

Domesticated rabbits or those raised on farms bear more fat, lending the meat a sweeter, milder, and juicier flavor.

Meanwhile, the meat appears pinkish in color, but turns dark and hardens as the animal ages.

Wild rabbits, on the other hand, have a more intense flavor and distinct aroma when cooked.

This results from the food they consume in the wild.

Though not as fat as those bred on farms, the lean meat of wild rabbits is highly sought after because of its deep reddish hue.

Since rabbit meat falls under white meat, this animal bears little to no body fat and the meat generally has low calories and high protein.

However, while the mouthfeel tastes soft and tender, the presence of muscle fibers, especially in older rabbits, can make it tough to digest.

Ways to Cook Rabbit

Ways to Cook Rabbit

There are various ways to cook and consume rabbits.

Similar to chicken, you can braise, bake, fry, grill, sautée it, and many other options.

One of the most delicious ways you can whip up a rabbit dish is by serving it with mustard sauce.

You can also marinate it in a bevy of herbs and spices.

Spices and aromatics such as thyme, rosemary, parsley, and dill enhance the natural earthy flavor of the rabbit.

It will also temper some of the stronger aromas and the gamey taste.

For those who want something rich and comforting during colder days, cook up a braised or stewed rabbit.

While you can use chicken broth, you can also try your hand using beer or cider as a base.

Throw in some carrots, mushrooms, celery, and even potatoes to lend deeper flavors to your dish.

You can also fry rabbits for delicious comfort food.

To do this, rub it with spices such as salt, pepper, paprika, and the like, and coat it in a buttermilk mixture.

This will further tenderize your rabbit meat as it cooks.

The Bottom Line

Now that you are more familiar with the rabbit’s light and distinct flavor, you might be interested in trying it out for yourself.

Nowadays, you can get this type of meat in specialty shops and grocers.

Go wild and feel free to experiment with various types of cooking approaches to get more acquainted with its unique and complex taste.

Hope you enjoyed our explanation of what do rabbits taste like.



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