6 Best Total War Pre-workout Flavors (2024)

Best Total War Flavor

Are you curious about what are the best Total War pre-workout flavors? Stick around as we share some of the most popular Total War flavors you should try.

Working out can be challenging, even for the best of us. Because of this, those who undergo moderate to intense workouts need an extra boost to power up their activities.

This is where pre-workout supplements come in.

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With a greater emphasis on healthcare and wellness these days, especially amid the global health crisis that the world is facing, it is not at all surprising to see many people getting into a fitness and exercise regime.

That said, pre-workouts have also risen with the number of people working out.

One of the most popular pre-workouts on the market is Total War. Get to know the popular flavors in this line and what they have to offer.

What is Total War Preworkout?

Redcon1 Total War Preworkout Powder - Available in Many Delicious Flavors!

Total War is a pre-workout supplement that comes in different flavors. It is designed to help those looking to up their exercise game.

At the same time, it is also perfect for people who want to boost their recovery time and reduce muscle soreness.

Total War has many fans primarily because it claims to have it all—from providing a good boost of energy, to building endurance, focus, and providing choice ingredients.

It contains caffeine and other stimulants, as well as amino acids and plant extracts.

Best Total War Flavors Ranked

1. Tiger’s Blood

Total War Tigers Blood flavorOne of the most intriguing names from Total War is none other than Tiger’s Blood. Of the flavors on this list, Tiger’s Blood certainly spikes one’s curiosity, and rightly so.

Its flavor ranges depending on who’s taking it, with many claiming it tastes like the snow cone of our youth, with a subtle coconut taste, or even a white Lifesaver candy.

2. Vice City

Total War Preworkout Vice City Flavor

Vice City is yet another intriguing pre workout flavor on the list. After all, it evokes images of dangerous escapades around town, don’t you think?

Launched as part of the Vice City collection, this has become the official flavor of summer as it’s a cross between a pina colada and strawberry mix—the taste of freedom.

With different flavor profiles playing in this Total War offering, you might taste not only the presence of berries but also the brightness and tartness that pineapple brings to the table.

3. Patriot

Redcon1 Total War Preworkout Patriot flavor

Patriot, on the other hand, sounds more like a serious homage to a homeland.

And while it is, especially as it commemorates the Fourth of July, one cannot help but wonder about this flavor.

It is actually a Smarties-inspired flavor, the candy we all were familiar with during our younger years.

The Patriot flavor is great for those who want to take a trip down memory lane. The only catch with this flavor is that as it is a limited edition creation, made only in 1,776 units.

As such, you may have a hard time finding this pre-workout, so be on the lookout.

4. Orange Crush

Total War Orange Crush Flavor

For those who want a pure, strong taste that seems more natural, look no further. Orange Crush is the answer to your needs when it comes to this flavor profile.

With its bright and citrusy taste, akin to a freshly squeezed beverage, it almost feels like you’re drinking the real thing—all without the difficulty of having to press every orange you have.

Plus, it has a sweet and tangy combination, perfect to start your day with.

5. Blue Lemonade

Redcon1 Total War Blue Lemonade flavor

Blue Lemonade is tart and refreshing and evokes similar tastes to the Gatorade or Powerade in the same color.

It leaves a subtle taste of lemonade with some sort of berry flavor that will leave you wanting more.

Because of this, Blue Lemonade is a great flavor to start with, especially for first-timers trying out pre-workouts by Total War.

6. Sour Gummy Bear

Total War PreWorkout Sour Gummy Bear flavor

If you love sweet and sour together, you will definitely love the sour gummy bear flavor. This flavor gives off the vibe that you’re eating Sour Patch Kids with a hint of sweetness to offset the prominent tanginess.

This Total War flavor is a favorite of many and who could argue with them? Your first sip will remind you of your childhood as you taste the sourness in your mouth.

The Takeaway

Taking pre-workout supplements is a great way to achieve mental clarity and focus, especially needed for intensive workouts.

With these Total War flavor options, you can definitely add more pizzazz and energy to your exercise.

Hope you enjoyed our list of the most popular Total war flavors available on Amazon!


6 Best Total War Flavors

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Check out this list of the best Total War flavors to try!

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