How Long Does It Take for a New Refrigerator to Cool (Updated 2024)

how long does it take for a new refrigerator to cool

A refrigerator is an essential home appliance that allows you to store food at low temperatures. Low temperatures help slow down the development of bad bacteria, thus extending the life of food and reducing waste.

For those who have recently bought or received a new refrigerator, you may wonder how long it is going to take for your new refrigerator to cool.

Read below to find out the details.

How Long Does It Take for a New Refrigerator to Cool

How Long Does It Take For A New Refrigerator To Cool

A new refrigerator usually takes up to 24 hours to cool fully and be ready for food, beverages, and groceries.

To get the precise specifications of your refrigerator and the time it needs to prepare to store food, confirm with your manufacturer.

However, the time depends on the refrigerator’s size, brand, and weight. Some units and brands can take longer to cool, but typically it will be right around a full day.

Size and Type of Refrigerator

Your refrigerator size can have a huge effect on the cooling time. For instance, as there is less space to cool, mini-fridges require less time to cool than larger types.

Bottom-freezer refrigerators tend to take the longest, although this is not a strict system.

The brand also plays a major role in cooling periods. Ultimately, expect smaller ones to take less time to cool and larger refrigerators to take longer.

Safe Temperature for a New Refrigerator for Storing Food

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the ideal temperature for a refrigerator is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Maintaining proper temperature is essential to prevent the growth of bacteria in food.

It can take a long time to get the right temperature for your new refrigerator, especially the freezer portion. But remember, storing food in a room-temperature refrigerator could raise the risk of getting sick.

How to Know If a New Refrigerator Is Ready to Store Food

How to Know If The New Refrigerator Is Ready To Store Food

To determine if your new refrigerator is ready to store food, use an appliance thermometer and monitor the temperature.

Take note the refrigerator should be less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit and the freezer should be 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

At this point, storing food in your new refrigerator is considered safe.

When the refrigerator reaches the right temperature, you can now load it up with food items that are at room temperature.

However, it is not advisable to place hot foods directly inside the refrigerator, as it can raise the internal temperature of the new refrigerator.

Reasons a New Refrigerator Does Not Get Cold Fast

There can be some reasons a new refrigerator does not cool easily. For example, opening the door regularly to check the temperature will slow the process.

So, please be patient with your new refrigerator and let it make its way down to the ideal temperature.

Additionally, hot foods can influence a new refrigerator. Not only will hot foods warm the refrigerator, but they can also obstruct the first cooling cycle, further slowing cooling time. 

Reasons a Refrigerator Would Not Get Cold

The lack of electricity is the primary reason a refrigerator does not get cold. With reduced power or no power, the refrigerator won’t function. 

So, always check the breaker and the refrigerator’s power button for indications of electricity. If the outlet has electricity, then there might be an issue with the refrigerator.

As things related to electricity are risky, particularly if you don’t have experience working with electricity, call an expert for help.

Another common problem involves fan malfunctions. Fixing any of these technical issues will help return your refrigerator to its normal operating state. Still, this would require professional help. 


By following the steps above, you will be able to use your new refrigerator as quickly as possible. Remember, though, to check the ideal temperature for food safety.

Read the manufacturer’s manual carefully before using your new refrigerator for the first time. Understand the guidelines and when you have questions, never be afraid to call an expert.

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