How to Steam Vegetables in a Rice Cooker

How to Steam Vegetables in a Rice Cooker

Did you know you can steam vegetables in your rice cooker? It does not simply cook rice, it can also cook different foods. To learn how to steam vegetables in a rice cooker, read the information below.

Adding vegetables to your meals will help you achieve the daily nutrient requirements for a healthy body.

There are many ways to cook vegetables, but steaming is considered the best as it retains the color, flavor, and nutrients of the vegetables.

How to Steam Vegetables in a Rice Cooker

How to Steam Vegetables in a Rice Cooker

Steaming Vegetables in a Rice Cooker With a Basket

Many rice cookers include a steamer basket. So if you are planning to use your rice cooker to steam vegetables follow these steps:

  1. First, pour 2-3 cups of water into the cooker pot.
  2. Put your vegetables in the steamer basket, place the basket in the cooker, and cover.
  3. Press the cook button and start steaming.
  4. Steam the vegetables until cooked or based on your preference.

Additional Notes:

  • If you are using a one-button model of the rice cooker, simply press the button to cook.
  • However, if you are using a processor-operated model, then choose the steam option.
  • You might also have the option to set a timer, ideally in increments of one minute. When you finish setting up a suitable steaming time, the rice cooker will automatically start or you may have to push the cook button. You can check your appliance’s manual.

Take note that the timer only starts when the water in the rice cooker is boiling and begins to steam.

Thus, the actual time of cooking is longer than what you have set on the timer. You will have a better idea of the total time it takes to steam vegetables after you have tried it once or twice.

Steaming Vegetables in a Rice Cooker Without a Basket

Some rice cookers do not include a steamer basket. But you can use alternative ways to steam vegetables with your rice cooker.

For instance, you can use a trivet that fits in the cooking pot. Then, place the vegetables in a bowl, on a plate, or put them on a foil sheet.

Another option is to place a small wire mesh strainer loaded with the vegetables over the pot and cover the pot with a lid.

Remember to wrap the top of the rice cooker using a clean kitchen towel to keep the steam inside. Without it, the strainer will keep the lid open and let the steam out.

Alternatively, you can use a bowl or a colander in the cooker with the water to steam the vegetables.

You can use foil balls as a base inside the rice cooker. Just roll the foil into balls, then use a plate and set it on top of the foil balls, and finally add the vegetables.

Steaming Vegetables While Cooking Rice in a Rice Cooker

steaming veggies

Steaming vegetables over the rice while it is cooking in a rice cooker is also possible. However, make sure that you have enough space in the rice cooker to accommodate both.

Cook just the appropriate amount of rice and vegetables that can fit your rice cooker, remembering the rice will expand.

Keep in mind some vegetables steam faster while others take longer.

You can put the vegetables over the rice when it has finished cooking. Cover the rice cooker immediately.

As the rice cools down, the steam created by the rice cooker will cook the vegetables to your desired tenderness.

How Long Does It Take to Steam Vegetables in a Rice Cooker

Various factors determine the precise time needed for the rice cooker to steam vegetables. The appliance brand and the quality of the vegetables are the primary factors.

Steaming veggies in a rice cooker take about 5 to 15 minutes, based on the experiments conducted by rogue chefs.

The Bottom Line

A rice cooker is a versatile kitchen appliance that can steam vegetables. You may choose to steam vegetables over the rice as it cooks, or separately on its own.

Choose the way to steam vegetables in a rice cooker that suits you best.

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