7 Best Scallion Substitutes (Updated 2024)

Scallion Substitute

Are you looking for a good substitute for scallions? We share a list of the best scallion substitutes below.

Scallions are versatile vegetables that add flavor and color to a variety of dishes. A scallion is a young, slender green onion with a stalk.

You will need some backup options to complete your recipe if you don’t have scallions on hand. Continue reading and learn more about how to prepare a scrumptious dish even without scallions.

Best Scallion Substitutes

1. Spring Onions

Spring Onion - Scallion Substitute

Spring onions will work well in any recipe calling for scallions. They have a stronger flavor, so if you choose this substitute, use half of the amount called for scallions in your recipe.

The bitter, pungent flavor of these green stems is distinctive. You can eat the bulbs fresh and enjoy a sweet, crisp flavor. 

Like scallions, you can use the bulb portion in stir-fries, frittatas, and other savory-cooked dishes. They have a lot of crunches, but once sauteed in thick bits, they sweeten and tone down.

2. Chives


Check out chives because they are an excellent substitute for scallions. Chives are milder than scallion, so if you use them, do a taste test. Then you can add more depending on your desired outcome.

Chives do not have a similar bite to scallions, but they add a nice splash of color and flavor. Toss these greens into soups, salads, and scrambled eggs, or use them when you make dips and herb butter.

Note that chives bruise easily, so use sharp scissors when cutting them up. You can store the chives in a moist towel as a batch. Put them in the refrigerator’s vegetable crisper to maintain their freshness for a longer period.

3. Shallots

Shallots - Scallion Substitute

A shallot is a delicate, tender vegetable with a rich flavor with garlic undertones. When substituting scallions, use a 1:1 ratio. You can add it minced, chopped, or however, you like, to season your dishes.

Shallots will impart a pleasant and distinct flavor, as well as a taste of garlic. When you roast them until they caramelize, their sweet flavor will appear. Also, remember that shallots can not be eaten raw.

4. Leeks


Leeks are a suitable option in every recipe because of their fresh, savory flavor and resemblance to large scallions. Use the white portion instead of the leaves. The raw leaves are tough and have an odd texture when cooked. 

A leek is not fit for thinly slicing and garnishing. Instead, cook them to unleash their sweet flavor and reduce bitterness. You can cook this vegetable in a variety of ways, including boiling, frying, sauteing, and slow cooking.

5. Ramps


Ramps can also act as a replacement for scallions. They are small and delicate, with a stronger flavor than scallions. You can eat ramps raw if you want a lot of spice in your meal.

The most difficult part of using ramps is that they are not easily accessible vegetables. You may need to cultivate them yourself if you are not near a farmers’ market.

6. Scapes


Scapes are green shoots from garlic plants with a delicate taste, described as a combination between scallions and garlic. They have a moderate flavor and a stronger garlic flavor than scallions.

You can use scapes in different ways. You may opt to finely chop them or add them to butter. Try sprinkling them on pizza or stir-frying.

However, using scapes as a scallion replacement has one disadvantage. They are actually difficult to come by in the supermarket.

7. Brown Onions

Brown Onions - Scallion Substitute

As a substitute, brown onions can bring a delicious touch to your recipe. They offer a much stronger flavor than scallions. They serve well when fried and will have quite a mild taste at this stage.

Since brown onions have such a strong flavor, refrain from eating them raw. Not everyone will enjoy the taste, so be careful not to overpower your dish.

Wrapping Up

Scallions are an excellent vegetable to use if you want to add a hint of onion and garlic spice to your dish without overpowering it. Spring onions, chives, shallots, and leeks are considered ideal replacements.

Additionally, scapes and ramps work well in certain dishes, but they are harder to find. Brown onions may not be the best, but if you don’t have any other option, they can work for some recipes. Take your pick and have fun cooking!


7 Best Scallion Substitutes

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