Air Fryer vs Pressure Cooker: Learn the Difference

Air Fryer vs Pressure Cookers

Here is a guide to help you learn about the differences between an air fryer vs a pressure cooker.

Both air fryers and pressure cookers have been receiving a lot of attention lately. These kitchen appliances provide several cooking benefits that many people are looking for.

Pressure cookers have been around for many years, on the other hand, air fryers arrived on the market around 2010. They became commercially available to the public and received an overwhelming response as a healthier alternative to oil frying.

What Is an Air Fryer?

Air Fryer

You can use an air fryer for baking, frying, grilling, and roasting some kinds of foods. This kitchen appliance was designed to replace deep frying.

The top portion of an air fryer holds a heating system and fan. You pour the food in a fryer-style basket. When you turn the device on, hot air flows down and around the food. This quick circulation cooks the food and makes it crispy.

This type of cooking does not require the use of oil. That’s why many people use air fryers to match their goal of a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, air fryers are simpler to operate and manage compared to other kitchen appliances.

Pros of an Air Fryer

  • Saves Time

Thanks to the air circulation process and portable design, an air fryer saves time as it can reheat and cook your food quickly.

  • Energy Efficient

Ease your large electricity bills with an air fryer. With its compact design, the food cooks faster, therefore saving time and energy consumption.

  • Savings

Air fryers reduce the expense of buying cooking oil compared to traditional fryers.

  • Price

Compared to conventional fryers, most air fryers, regardless of their size, are affordable.

  • Healthy

This kitchen equipment requires little to no cooking oil, thus decreasing the amount of fat and cholesterol.


  • Taste

The food fried in an air fryer is not as crunchy and tasty because of the absence of oil. Also, the food may turn out dry if you don’t closely monitor the food. So, you would have to learn more about the settings to cook a perfect meal that suits your taste.

  • Capacity

Air fryers are typically smaller than pressure cookers. Thus, depending on the air fryer’s size, you can cook meals for 3-4 people. Family-size units can cook several pounds of food, while reasonably priced and small-sized air fryers can only cook for a few people.

What Is a Pressure Cooker?

Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers work based on the principles of steam pressure. The sealed pot releases steam inside, which produces optimal high pressure for cooking several kinds of food.

The best feature of this kitchen appliance is that steam helps kill bacteria found in food. It also helps to encourage healthy eating habits as it keeps the nutrients in the food during cooking.

Pros of a Pressure Cooker

  • Operation and Maintenance

They are very easy to use and manage. Typically, they come with a detailed instruction manual as well.

  • Versatile

Compared to an air fryer, a pressure cooker can cook quite a range of foods. 

  • Capacity

These units can accommodate a large quantity of food. If you have a big family, this is the best kitchen device to purchase.

  • Efficient and Faster

The buildup of steam allows the pressure cooker to cook food efficiently. The possibilities of cooking the food unevenly are tiny.

The pressure cooker also helps to cook the food more quickly because it seals the steam inside. On average, you can prepare a meal in one-third of the time.

  • Saves Energy

A pressure cooker can prepare food in one-third of the time. So, depending on the type of pressure cooker, you can save on your energy bill.


  • Monitoring Food

Once the food is inside a pressure cooker, you can’t inspect it as it will release the steam. Therefore, you would have to start the procedure all over again if you made a mistake or failed to add an ingredient.

  • Releasing the Steam

When you’re finished cooking, you have to wait before you can open the lid of a pressure cooker because of the trapped steam. You have to wait for some time before you can get your food out of the pot.

  • Different Ingredients

Not all ingredients need the same cooking time. Thus, you will have to prepare the meat first and then use the pressure cooker to properly cook the rest of the ingredients like a regular pot. This lowers the efficiency of a pressure cooker.

  • Price

Compared to an air fryer, purchasing an electronic pressure cooker is very pricey.


When choosing which kitchen appliance better suits you, consider various factors between an air fryer vs a pressure cooker – such as cooking features, recipes, size, price, and health issues.

Air fryers and pressure cookers offer benefits in cooking specific meals. Study the pros and cons of both products and then settle on the right one for you and your family.

Pressure Cooker vs Air Fryer

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