4 Best Malibu Rum Flavors! (Ranked in 2024)

Best Malibu Rum flavors

Are you curious about what are the best Malibu Rum flavors? Stick around as we share a list of the most popular flavors below.

Even if you’re on vacation, it’s not a bad idea to treat yourself to a drink or two. A Malibu Rum is a bartender’s best friend, making it a popular choice in beach bars across the world.

However, what is Malibu Rum, and why do so many people enjoy it so much? Let’s find out more about Malibu Rum.

What is Malibu Rum?

What is Malibu Rum?

For its refreshing and sweet taste, Malibu Rum is a popular flavored spirit across the world. Since its inception in 1978, the company has continued to innovate by releasing new rum tastes.

In the beginning, the drink was a part of the Pernod Ricard group, a French spirit business that also owns Chivas Regal and Absolut Vodka.

In spite of its Caribbean flair, “Malibu” was inspired by a prominent American beach city known as Malibu.

Malibu’s methodology may differ from those of other rum brands since it contains coconut. In actuality, it is made by distilling sugar canes and maturing them in oak barrels before being bottled.

Malibu’s trademark tastes, such as mango, coconut, pineapple, passion fruit, and lime, would be included in the final product.

Best Malibu Rum flavors

Bartenders first used the brand to make it easier for them to make pina coladas, but it soon became popular among consumers as well.

High-quality ingredients were used in the production of its beverages in Barbados.

Malibu Rum is sometimes referred to as a “highly adaptable drink” because of its ability to be mixed with virtually anything to create a unique concoction.

In addition, just 21% of the Malibu Rum is alcoholic. As a result, it’s not as potent as some of the other alcoholic beverages available.

Now that you’ve learned some history about the company history, let’s learn about the top Malibu Rum flavors.

Best Malibu Rum Flavors

1. Malibu Watermelon

A Malibu watermelon rum is a popular choice for those looking for something a little stronger since the rum’s robust watermelon flavor ensures a pleasant and smooth finish.

So, if you’re planning a party, start off right with some jello shots! A Malibu watermelon rum would be ideal for these shots, which is simple and tasty.

Your pool party or garden will be brought to the next level, once Jell-O shots are brought out. Since bartenders know you’ll need more than one batch, they won’t hold back.

Bartenders recommend combining the Malibu Rum Watermelon, watermelon jello, boiling water, little plastic jello cups, and watermelon-flavored gummies to make the ideal Malibu watermelon.

It’s simple to change the recipe if you have the 3 oz gelatin powder on hand and vary the volume of Malibu rum in the mix. Then, decorate them as you see fit.

Other fresh fruits, such as watermelon slices, or watermelon gummy bears, might also be some fun decorations.

If you’re unsure, offer the jello shots plain to your guests and provide all three toppings on a separate platter so they may choose what garnish they prefer.

2. Malibu Coconut

After a hard day at work, coconut-flavored Malibu Rum is the perfect choice to relax with. Use it to accompany you while you soak yourself in a pool or just have something sweet to drink during your next game night.

After receiving criticism for being excessively sweet and lacking depth, this variant was a hit because of its adaptability. Is there a finer cocktail than the Bahama Mama? If so, you’ll have to make that decision for yourself.

There is no substitute for having it frozen and blended, according to bartenders.

In part, this is due to its cold texture, which makes it a great choice for individuals who drink tropical beverages on the rocks in a short period of time, as it allows for a more leisurely sipping experience for everyone.

3. Malibu Lime

Malibu Lime may be your go-to drink whether you’re relaxing on the beach or partying with your friends.

Infused with lime extracts, Malibu Lime has a tropical and pleasant flavor. You may buy a bottle of Malibu Lime for roughly $17 to see whether it makes any impact on you. Mind you, this one’s worth the hype.

4. Malibu Black

Despite the fact that Malibu Black has less sugar and a stronger rum, it is not harsh. Because of its fairly sour taste and typical coconut flavor, this drink is ideal for those who want their beverages to have a kick to them.

The primary spirit in this cocktail would be Malibu black. The more rum you put in, the darker the drink will taste, so be careful how much you put in.

If you don’t have the coconut cream on hand, you’ll need to be aware of the “cream of coconut” product. It is, however, frequently seen with other mixers in the liquor aisles.


Malibu Rum is among the best brands that you can depend on when it comes to party drinks. The brand offers an array of flavors that you will surely love.

We hope that the list above has helped you choose among the best Malibu Rum flavors to try next.


4 Best Malibu Rum Flavors

Check out this list of the best Malibu Rum flavors to try!

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