8 Best Chickpea Substitutes for Cooking (Updated 2024)

Chickpeas Substitutes

Are you curious about the best chickpea substitutes for your recipe? This article will help you find the right substitute by looking at each option in detail.

Chickpeas are among the most common vegetarian ingredients. Also, these healthy beans are very versatile. Whether fresh, dried, or cooked, chickpeas can be eaten and enjoyed in various recipes.

8 Best Chickpea Substitutes

1. Cannellini Beans

Cannellini Beans - Chickpeas Substitutes

If chickpeas are unavailable for any reason, cannellini beans will make a decent substitute. Cannellini mostly contains carbohydrates and fiber, but they are also high in protein. These beans, in particular, are one of the most protein-rich plants. A cup of boiled cannellini beans (177g) contains about 15g of protein.

You can use cannellini beans in a variety of dishes. They have a naturally sweet flavor similar to chickpeas. Try using them in vegetable, fish, and meat dishes.

2. Lentils

Lentils - Chickpeas Substitutes

Yes, lentils can act as a substitute for most products, including chickpeas. Lentils are versatile and taste great in soups, salads, purees, and even in some baked goods. This food, like beans, comes in a wide range of varieties. They also have many beneficial effects on the body.

Green lentils are rich in soluble fiber. Red lentils are an excellent source of iron and folic acid and have a mild, thin flavor. They can lower blood sugar and cholesterol, and support heart and digestive health.

Some kinds are already spicy, so bear that in mind when adding spices. Red lentils don’t need to be pre-soaked because they cook easily. The boiled type of lentils is also a great option. Cooking them takes between 15 and 40 minutes, depending on the variety.

3. Black Beans

Black Beans

Chickpeas and black beans are interchangeable. Black beans, also called turtle beans, have a moderate, earthy, and slightly sweet taste. They have a smooth texture and work well in salsas, soups, dips, and chilis.

Keep in mind that black beans pair well with garlic, cumin, cilantro, chili peppers, and oregano when cooking. While ginger, cardamom, cumin, and a variety of herbs like mint and rosemary, pair best with chickpeas.

These beans are popular in Mexican and Caribbean cuisine, but they are also available in many supermarkets around the world.

4. Soybeans


You can also try some soybeans to replace chickpeas. Soy contains protein and is easily digested. Plus, it has low cholesterol which can benefit your heart and blood vessels.

Moreover, vitamins, minerals, and the essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 are abundant in soybeans.

5. Green Peas

Green Peas - Chickpeas Substitutes

Got a can of green peas in your pantry? You can use green peas to replace chickpeas in soup, meat, or fish dishes. Fresh, canned, and frozen versions will all work well. They blend nicely in salads and can also make delicious porridge.

This ingredient has a lot of beneficial nutritional properties. However, keep in mind that peas have a distinct flavor that differs from chickpeas.

6. Mung Beans

Mung Beans

Another common vegetarian ingredient is mung beans. They are a great alternative to chickpeas. Mung beans are readily digestible and make a tasty and healthy vegetarian soup base.

Mung beans go well with rice, and in many countries, they are prepared in rice dishes. Many people use their own seasoning, giving their dishes their own distinct flavors.

Protein, vegetable fats, carbohydrates, B vitamins, and fiber are all plentiful in them. Mung beans are also popular because of their high iron content.

7. Northern Beans

Northern Beans

If you dislike chickpeas’ strong flavor, consider substituting them with northern beans. They have a milder flavor than chickpeas.

These ingredients have a nutty taste and you will commonly find them in salads, soups, stews, and ragouts. Northern beans also have several nutritional properties similar to chickpeas.

8. Roasted Edamame

Roasted Edamame

Check out roasted edamame which can also act as a suitable replacement for chickpeas. This ingredient is a type of Japanese bean that is delicious and high in nutrients. Minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats, and fiber are aplenty in this bean.

In many recipes, this bean is the principal ingredient. You can also eat raw or roasted edamame.

It’s important to note that the time and temperature you boil the beans are crucial. If you cook them for too long, the beans will turn yellow, and the number of minerals and vitamins will diminish significantly.

The Bottom Line

Each of these chickpea alternatives has its own distinct taste and health benefits. Furthermore, these replacements are readily available in grocery stores. So, go ahead and add these delicious ingredients to your recipes and enjoy.


8 Best Chickpea Substitutes

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Best Chickpea Substitutes

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