How Many Watts Does a Mini Fridge Use (Updated 2024)

how many watts does a mini fridge use

Deciding whether to purchase a mini-fridge brings some questions. How much energy does a mini fridge require? Or how many watts does a mini fridge use? You will find the answers as you read this article.

A mini-fridge can be a perfect alternative to a full-sized refrigerator if you want to store food and beverages in a small, compact room. 

What Is a Mini Fridge

How Many Watts Does a Mini Fridge Use

The term mini-fridge describes a series of refrigerators with sizes ranging from 1.7 cubic feet up to 4.5 cubic feet.

These lightweight refrigerators come in many models. They work well in several settings, including in offices, at home, in dorm rooms, and more. 

A mini-fridge offers a wide range of benefits. It is an energy-efficient option with minimal maintenance needed.

This appliance also saves space and is portable, sturdy, convenient to use, and affordable. Plus, you can find a variety of designs and sizes to suit your preferences.

How Many Watts Does a Mini Fridge Use

Mini Fridge Watts Usage

The power wattage of most mini-fridges usually varies from 50 to 65 watts on average. This number depends heavily on the mini fridge’s size and insulation. In short, power is minimal.

You must also take other factors into consideration to assess how much electricity your mini-fridge will use in the long run.

Factors to Consider in Identifying Watt Usage

Single Door Mini Fridge

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Power usage factors include the insulation on the fridge, the temperature of the surrounding area, and how often you open the fridge.

The insulation of a mini-fridge affects the power consumption, and it varies by model. Proper insulation prevents the immediate surroundings from quickly influencing interior temperature. 

Another factor to take into consideration is how many times you open a refrigerator each day. A lot of cold air escapes each time you open the refrigerator, so it needs to work more often to maintain the optimal temperature.

A mini-fridge always runs the cooling cycle longer when you open the door and needs less energy when left closed.

The temperature setting also plays a role in how much energy you use. When the temperature increases, the mini-fridge works to bring the temperature back down, then stops until the temperature rises again. 

The EnergyGuide Label

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The federal EnergyGuide labeling program includes mini-fridges; this allows customers to consider the approximate energy usage of major appliances. Usually, you will find a sticker with “EnergyGuide” at the top of the refrigerator. This information also typically appears online. 

The EnergyGuide label has two useful numbers: the annual average cost of energy and the estimated consumption of electricity.

The first number shows you roughly the cost to operate the mini-fridge for a year, considering the national average is a kWh rate of 12 cents.

The second number tells you an estimate of how many kilowatt-hours the mini-fridge would use in one year.

How to Find the EnergyGuide Label of a Mini Fridge

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Search for the exact model from online retailers to find the EnergyGuide label for a mini-fridge you already own. You will often find it in the product specifications.

If you own an older refrigerator model, search the manufacturer’s website or directly email them with your fridge’s model number.

Remember, over time, refrigerators won’t maintain 100% efficiency, so if you own an old refrigerator expect a higher energy consumption than what the label lists at the time of purchase.

Energy Efficiency of a Mini Fridge

Mini Refrigerator

A mini fridge uses less power than a full-size refrigerator. A regular refrigerator uses 100w to 400w, which corresponds to around 1575kWh per year. A mini-fridge will use about 292kWh per year, depending on size.

There are some tips to save energy with the mini fridge you already own. For instance, leave the fridge unplugged if it is empty. Clean coils and vents regularly for proper airflow.

Additionally, do not put the mini-fridge in a sealed cabinet. Keep the mini fridge far from any external heat sources such as an HVAC vent, or an oven.


Various mini fridge models require different amounts of power. The amount of watts used by a mini fridge depends on a range of factors such as the brand, insulation layers, surrounding temperature, and how often the fridge is opened.

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