How To Clean an Instant Pot Lid in a Dishwasher (Updated 2024)

How To Clean an Instant Pot Lid in a Dishwasher

You can easily clean your instant pot. An instant pot’s parts, which include the inner cooking pot, sealing ring, and cover, are dishwasher-friendly.

This article will give a step-by-step guide on how to clean an instant pot lid in a dishwasher.

An instant pot is one of the best kitchen appliances and is a go-to for many for cooking meals and tasty desserts.

This multipurpose appliance can do almost anything, but to make sure its functionality lasts, it requires regular maintenance.

How to Clean an Instant Pot Lid in a Dishwasher

How To Clean an Instant Pot Lid in a Dishwasher

To clean the lid properly, you will need to dismantle the pieces first before loading them into the dishwasher. Store the small parts in a safety bag.

Step 1

First, you must remove the float valve so look for a silicon cap (it is usually attached to the bottom side of the cover); pull the cap out to remove it.

Then, push the valve through to the other side.

Step 2

Next, remove the sealing ring. The sealing ring is made of high-quality, heat-resistant silicone, so it is suitable for the dishwasher.

Before you put the ring back into the lid, allow it to dry entirely. After every wash, check that the sealing ring is installed in the lid. It must be firmly in place before you start cooking.

The sealing ring is important in the operation of your cooker. Inspect it closely after cleaning it.

Replace the sealing ring if you find evidence of cracking or other damage.

Every 12-18 months, change the sealing ring. For sweet and savory dishes, it is often recommended to use different rings as well.

Step 3

After you remove the sealing ring, proceed by removing the anti-block shield.

After each use, you need to wash the anti-block shield underneath the lid, particularly after cooking foods that splatter.

To detach it, push the side of the anti-block shield against the lid rim and raise it with your thumb.

It can take a little effort, but the anti-block shield will pop out. This shield is the last small part of the lid you need to remove. 

instant pot lid

Step 4

Now that you’ve separated all the pieces, they are ready to go in the dishwasher.

Put the small pieces in a dishwasher bag and the larger parts, which include the lid, into the dishwasher.

Step 5

After washing all the parts, make sure they are dry. Then return the small parts to the lid. Separating the parts is one thing; putting the parts back together is another.

Therefore, follow these instructions to put all the parts back together so that it functions correctly with no leaks.

To put the float valve back on, insert it into the opening of the lid and ensure that the smaller hole faces upwards. Next, flip the lid over to insert the silicon cap.

Step 6

Place the clean and dry sealing ring on the sealing ring rack. Using your fingers, carefully press them into place.

Behind the sealing rack, place the ring neatly and centered, and then move it freely.

Whenever you remove and insert the sealing ring, take the utmost care to guarantee there is no damage done to it that could lead to leaks.

Finally, you need to install your anti-block shield. Put it over the prongs, then press it down until you hear a click indicating it’s correctly placed.

How Often Do You Need to Clean an Instant Pot

Every part that comes into contact with food must be washed after using your Instant Pot to prevent food or odor buildup. This includes the inner cooking pot, steam rack, and lid components such as the sealing ring and anti-block shield.

Other pieces that rarely get dirty, such as the exterior or the condensation cup, can be cleaned occasionally or when necessary.

The outer unit, including the heating element, can be wiped clean. However, take extra care because water will damage the outer unit if it gets inside. 

The Bottom Line

An instant pot is dishwasher-friendly. It is simpler to clean an instant pot lid than you would expect.

The inner pot and lid can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher after taking apart the smaller pieces.

The above tips on cleaning an instant pot lid in a dishwasher will keep your pressure cooker well-maintained.

Also, it will make sure it will continue serving you well for years to come.

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