How Long to Cook a Hot Pocket (Updated 2024)

Hot Pocket Cooking Time

Hot Pockets have a reputation for coming out either boiling hot or still frozen in the center. But don’t worry, today we will discuss the perfect Hot Pocket cooking times in a microwave and oven.

Nowadays we lead fast-paced lives. Because of this, many turn to hot, filling, and comforting meals. Among the easiest ‘meals’ to magically come together you will find Hot Pockets.

In many American households, Hot Pockets have become synonymous with a delicious snack or even a light meal. They have become staples in the freezer section, with countless 90s kids having fond memories of eating them throughout their childhoods.

Hot Pocket

Coming in a variety of flavors, these handy sandwiches of sorts have no doubt cemented themselves as classic icon.

From savory and cheesy pizza flavors to a healthier chicken, broccoli, and cheddar combination, you can find something for everyone.

Despite their prominence, however, some may remain unfamiliar with Hot Pockets and how to best prepare them. We share some options on how to cook hot pockets and a little background about their origin for fun.

Hot Pocket Cooking Time

1. How to Cook Hot Pocket in a Microwave


By now you know Hot Pockets are branded as microwaveable turnovers. True to this claim, you can cook them by simply pressing a few numbers.

For those using the recommended microwave method, the overall cooking time depends on the number of sandwiches and the type of crust or turnovers.

After all, they come with buttery crusts, crispy ones, seasoned ones, and the like. For example, you should cook a Pepperoni-flavored Hot Pocket with Crispy Crust for 2 minutes using the microwave.

For two pieces, the manufacturers advise increasing the cooking time to 3 minutes and 45 seconds. These instructions apply to those who have an 1100 Watt oven. Don’t increase this cooking time as it can burn the sandwich.

Meanwhile, for the same flavor as the buttery crusts, the recommended cooking time for one piece the time remains at 2 minutes. For two pieces, however, the cooking time decreases to only 3 minutes and 30 seconds compared to the crispy variety.

If you have a compact or lower-wattage microwave, you’ll have to increase the cooking time. One sandwich should be cooked for 3 minutes, and it should be cooked one at a time for optimal results.

2. How to Cook Hot Pocket in an Oven

Cook in Oven

For those who do not have microwaves at home, fret not. You can also heat Hot Pockets in a conventional oven.

For this method, however, you might have to adjust the cooking time as each oven varies. Using this approach, preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Instead of using the crisping sheet provided, you should bake your Hot Pocket on a baking tray for around 28 minutes.

Take these cooking times and methods with a grain of salt as they can vary depending on your chosen Hot Pocket variant. Be sure to read the instructions to avoid overcooking or spoiling your food.

What Are Hot Pockets?

Hot Pockets are defined as microwaveable turnovers. They come in a variety of flavors with fillings ranging from meat, cheese, vegetables, and many others.

Hot Pockets are a true American classic. However, unbeknownst to many, they are actually the brainchild of two Jewish Iranian immigrants who came from Tehran, namely Paul and David Merage.

The story goes that both Paul and David Merage dreamed of starting their own business and making a name for themselves, a dream reportedly passed down by their father.

The two brothers worked on this dream, initially focusing on creating Belgian waffles under a company called Chef America Inc.

After succeeding, the Merages decided to expand their offerings to include a food item fit for fast and easy consumption at any time of the day.

Hot Pockets were geared towards working Americans who relied on portable or ready-made food items that made life easier.

Initially offered as the Tastywich in 1980, this product had an exterior shell or dough meant to maintain its crisp texture when cooked in the microwave.

The brothers rebranded them to Hot Pocket three years later, selling them to restaurants and general American consumers.

In 2002, the Merages sold Chef America Inc. to Nestle. Nestle made Hot Pockets a household name, making them a staple in just about every grocery store and household.

The Bottom Line

Many undoubtedly love Hot Pockets. So is it better to cook a hot pocket in the oven vs a microwave?

Personally, we prefer a microwave as it is faster and it’s how it was originally designed to be heated up. But, if you only have a toaster or oven then that can be a great option as well.

Either way, you’ll still get to enjoy your favorite frozen snack. With these cooking times, you now know how to cook a hot pocket perfectly.

Whether you want a quick snack or just a light meal, this will surely help you make hot and comforting turnovers when you need them.

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