11 Best Red Bull Flavors Ranked! (Updated 2024)

Best Red Bull Flavors

Have you tried the Red Bull energy drink? Here are the best Red Bull flavors to start with if you want to explore all of its incredible flavors.

Red Bull is a popular energy drink brand nowadays. It is widely sold in supermarkets around the world, owing to its excellent advertising and comparably excellent taste.

What Is Red Bull?

What is red Bull

Red Bull is a carbonated drink that contains caffeine and other energy-boosting components such as taurine and B vitamins. It was first introduced in Austria in 1987.

Red Bull is one of the world’s best-selling energy beverages. It is advertised as a drink to boost both physical and mental performance while also increasing energy.

11 Best Red Bull Flavors

1. Original – Red Bull Energy Drink

Red Bull Original Flavor

For years, the Red Bull brand has released a variety of flavors. However, the original flavor has stayed on top because of its extremely sharp taste.

No other flavor has ever replaced it. If you’ve always been a Red Bull supporter, you understand what it means.

2. Watermelon – Red Bull Summer Edition

Red Bull Watermelon Flavor

Get the best watermelon flavor that is well-balanced without being overly sweet or overpowering. It tastes like a delightful juice instead of an energy drink. It makes it all easy to drink more than one can.

Red Bull created this option to make the summer season a bit sweeter and more comfortable. The red-colored can carries a delectable taste that is worth drinking.

3. Tropical – Red Bull Summer Edition

Red Bull Tropical Flavor

Another summer edition you can consider is the tropical flavor. It comes in a vibrant yellow can, which suggests refreshing and pleasant tastes. The tastes are similar to apple, pineapple, papaya, lemons, and other tropical fruits.

Despite the fact that it is entirely composed of artificial flavors, the flavor is acceptable, and your purchase will not be in vain.

4. Coconut Berry – Red Bull Summer Edition

Red Bull Coconut Flavor

Try the coconut berry flavor. Whether you are a huge lover of coconut juice or not, you will surely enjoy this taste because it has a wonderful combination of flavors, including not only coconut juice but also berries.

This flavor was introduced as a limited summer edition flavor, but it quickly became a big hit. It has received positive feedback in terms of taste quality and satisfaction.

5. Tangerine – Red Bull Orange Edition

Red Bull Tangerine Flavor

Are you looking for a light and refreshing taste from an energy drink? Tangerine is the drink for you. Citrus notes complement Red Bull pretty well without being overly orange-flavored or syrupy.

If you need a low-calorie orange soda with a caffeine kick, this orange edition of Red Bull is the answer. Keep in mind that the flavors include both natural and artificial.

6. Kiwi-Apple – Red Bull Summer Edition

Red Bull Kiwi Apple Flavor

Pump up your energy levels for the rest of the day with not just one but two flavors. This combo flavor has a taste that is a mix of apple and kiwi. You will get a pleasant and balanced sweetness and sourness.

7. Peach-Nectarine – Red Bull Peach Edition

Red Bull Peach Nectarine Flavor

For peach lovers, Red Bull has a perfect pick for you. Check out the peach-nectarine flavor. On the first taste, this drink is mild and invigorating, with hints of peach and nectarine.

It tastes a little like peach candies.

8. Arctic Berry – Red Bull Winter Edition

How about Red Bull’s Arctic Berry? It is highly recommended when you want to power yourself up to get things done while still enjoying the winter vibe.

This nicely balanced energy drink is refreshing and does not have a syrup-like blue raspberry taste to it. It is easy to drink, with a strong raspberry accent.

9. Cranberry – Red Bull Red Edition

Red Bull Cranberry Flavor

Craving some cranberries? This cranberry-flavored energy drink has a sweet and tangy flavor that is not too intense. Aside from cranberry, it also has a little cherry flavor added to it.

Overall, this cranberry-flavored beverage won’t disappoint.

10. Blueberry – Red Bull Blue Edition

Red Bull Blueberry Flavor

If you like blueberries, this flavor is an excellent choice. Consider Red Bull’s Blueberry if you are a fan of rich blueberry jam or blueberry syrup on your waffles.

Take note that this drink has artificial flavoring, as well as artificial blue coloring.

11. Sugar-Free – Red Bull Pear Edition

If you are cutting your sugar intake, Red Bull’s Sugar-free is for you. Although it has a robust pear scent, the flavor is lightly pear-like and sweet.

And don’t worry, it does not taste bland.

The Bottom Line

Red Bull energy drinks are available in different flavors, ranging from original and sugar-free flavors to fruit-inspired flavors. We hope that this post about the best Red Bull flavors has helped you in selecting the one that matches your preferences.


11 Best Red Bull Flavors

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Check out this list of the best Red Bull flavors to try!

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