What Is Truffle Sauce? (Updated 2024)

what is truffle sauce

Truffle sauce pasta has become one of the most sought-after dishes because of its unique flavor and aroma. Plus, it is made of an ingredient that is associated with being luxurious and expensive, making the experience that much more satisfying to eat.

If you want to know more about this kind of sauce, then keep reading.

About Truffles

What is Truffle Sauce Made Of?

When talking about truffle sauce, the first thing you notice is its polarizing taste and odor, which is often described as funky and musky. Some describe truffle sauce as an almost nutty earthly flavor and find it one of the most delicious delicacies out there, while others just do not find it appealing.

Regardless, it has made its way into the hearts of many and has been established as an essential aspect of some cuisines such as Italian and French.

So, what is responsible for this pungent flavor and aroma? Truffles, of course! Truffles come from the ascomycete fungi family. If you think truffles are mushrooms, you will be surprised to know that it is actually the fruiting body of said types of fungi.

In other words, it is the reproductive organ of the said fungus, which contains the spores that allow it to proliferate.

Taking this spore-bearing fruit and cooking it with another ingredient or using it as a garnish is your best bet for using it. The most common way it is served is in sauce form, especially used in pasta.

Truffle cream is also made of cream, seasoning, and fat like butter and cheese, as well as aromatics like garlic and shallots.

What Makes Truffle Sauce Distinct?

As mentioned, the funky flavor and aroma is the signature characteristic of this delicacy. Truffles are unique in that you cannot manufacture them in a lab, farm, or grow them. They have to be grown in the wild.  There is another factor that gives it such distinguished properties. You see, this ingredient contains androstenone, a molecule that is responsible for its unique smell and taste.

This molecule is found in male pigs, which makes these animals more conducive to sniffing out these rare mushrooms. Aside from pigs, some dogs can smell these things, making them one of the best animals for hunting truffles. This is why there are things like specialized truffle pigs and truffle dogs that are trained specifically for hunting out these prized fungi.

Trained Truffle Dogs

So, animals are drawn to this ingredient. What about humans? If you are craving truffle pasta right now, then you know the answer.

However, not everyone likes truffles. This is because a huge portion of the population is more sensitive to androstenone, which amplifies the pungency of the smell and taste. For them, the delicacy smells like rotten wood, sweat, smelly feet, and even urine.

Meanwhile, another segment has a normal perception of the molecule, so to them, the ingredient’s pungent odor is simply like that of onions, garlic, and other aromatics that are described as pungent or funky. Yet another part of the population does not smell androstenone at all.

When mixed with cream and other sauce bases, truffles offer a pleasant contrast to the fatty characteristics of the dairy.

Pasta with Truffle Sauce

Ways to Make Truffle Sauce

Now that you know more about truffles and their distinct characteristics, as well as what gives them those unique properties, you might be wondering how to make the beloved truffle sauce.

You will be glad to know that there are different ways to do so. The key is to find the right ingredients. You can use fresh truffle (the most expensive route), truffle-infused oil (the most affordable and popular), truffle-infused butter, and/or truffle-infused cheese.

La Tourangelle, Black Truffle Oil, Complex Gourmet Earthy Flavor for Drizzling over Pasta, Popcorn, Vegetables, Potatoes, Soup and More, 8.45 fl oz

Then, you just need to cook these elements in cream, creating a truffle cream pasta that, when cooked right, can offer you restaurant-quality goodness. You do not even need additional seasonings aside from cheese, salt, and pepper. Of course, you can still add your own to achieve your preferences.

Aside from truffle cream sauce, you can also create a sauce dip that could pair well with different kinds of sidings. You can make a creamy sauce, an aioli, or a cheesy dip infused with truffle. You can enjoy this with fries, chips, and even roasted vegetables.

What you need to remember is that there are different types of truffles such as black, white, and burgundy truffles. Each kind has its respective characteristics that can influence the taste of your dish.

Black truffles are some of the most familiar ones. It is described as having a slightly funky smell with an earthy flavor. White truffles have an off-white appearance. It is aromatic with hints of garlic, cheese, and a musky taste and odor. Meanwhile, burgundy truffles have a musky and nutty taste.

These are just some of the types of truffles. You can try other kinds such as summer, bianchetto, winter, and Oregon truffles. Make sure to check out their specific characteristics before making your sauce, so you can effectively take advantage of what they have to offer.

The Bottom Line

Truffle sauce is one of the best choices to take ordinary scrambled eggs or pasta to the next level, especially as it offers a decadent, delicious, and sophisticated vibe. Now that you know more about truffle sauce, you can make the most out of this ingredient and create a tasty meal for you and your family.

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