Why Am I Craving Potatoes? (Updated 2024)

why i am Craving Potatoes

Have you ever experienced a time when all of a sudden you have an insatiable craving for potatoes of any kind? There you are, sitting at your desk and you can’t stop thinking about french fries, crispy potato wedges, fluffy baked potatoes,  or mashed potatoes. What could it mean? Well, you are not alone. It might be a sign that you’re dehydrated or you need more energy if potatoes are all you can think about.

Potatoes have a high carbohydrate content and water content, making them a viable source of fuel. If you haven’t had one in a long, you could also be missing its texture.

Those who like potatoes often get a craving for them.

However, it’s also possible for it to occur randomly, even in those who don’t particularly enjoy potatoes.

Still, you can’t eat too much of these foods, so it’s important to figure out what’s making your desires appear. But let’s dig deeper into this matter in this article.

Potato Cravings

The Meaning Behind Craving Potatoes

Intense desires for potatoes of any variety might be caused by a wide variety of factors. Some people may be driven to seek out comfort foods due to an emotional need.

For some, the demand for potatoes stems only from a physiological one, such as the want for a source of energy in times of low blood sugar.

Whatever the case may be, it’s generally agreed that potatoes of any variety improve the flavor of any dish.

You’ll reap several advantages if you give in to your potato appetite. First, they contain a lot of fiber, which is good for your digestive system, your cholesterol levels, and maybe even cancer prevention.

As they are rich in complex carbs, they are fantastic foods for providing your body with an abundance of fuel. They are rich in potassium and are often recommended for improving cardiovascular health.

Finally, potatoes are loaded with nutrients that support healthy neurological and immunological systems, as well as other bodily functions.

Different Reasons Why You Crave Potatoes

1. For Energy

Complex carbohydrates are essential for providing your body with the sustained energy it needs to get you through the day.

The good news is that potatoes are one of the greatest foods you can consume to replenish your body’s energy stores since they include a high concentration of complex carbs.

Potatoes, whether in the form of French fries, tater tots, or potato chips, provide an instant and sustained energy boost.

2. For Hydration

Most individuals have a soft spot in their hearts for fried and crunchy snacks like potato chips and French fries.

But potatoes prepared in this way tend to be somewhat salty. Excessive perspiration and urination both contribute to a significant loss of salt when you’re already dehydrated.

So, when you start chowing down on those chips and fries, you’re helping your body replenish some of the salt it lost.

Unfortunately, you’ll be thirsty in no time at all after eating salty meals. Although rehydrating with water may help in the short term, you will quickly lose the salt you have acquired and the cycle will begin again.

Therefore, you can always count on wanting potatoes when you’re thirsty.

waffle fries - why am i craving potatoes

3. For Comfort

The brain is easily duped into thinking that eating potatoes, especially processed potatoes, will improve the situation, much as the body can be fooled into thinking that eating French fries or potato chips will fix its dehydration problem.

Keeping our energy levels up is essential to our survival, and as a species, we have evolved to need both salt and carbs.

Therefore, as soon as you put the first handful of potato chips or French fries in your mouth, your brain starts releasing dopamine, often known as the “happy chemical” since it causes a state of euphoria.

Because of the positive associations your body and brain have with potatoes, you may find yourself reaching for them more often than usual in times of stress.

Baked Potatoes

Benefits You Gain from Eating Potatoes

Consuming potatoes regularly has several positive effects on health. Potatoes are an excellent source of energy because of the complex carbs they contain.

Moreover, they contain a lot of beneficial fiber. High-fiber diets help with digestion and lower the risk of developing several different malignancies.

Potatoes also include a lot of potassium, making them a healthy food choice. This aids in preserving cardiovascular function.

Finally, potatoes are a good source of several other vitamins and minerals, including folic acid, magnesium, vitamin C, and iron. In general, potatoes are a nutritious option that can be enjoyed by everybody, including those with diabetes.


Potatoes, regardless of how you want them to be cooked, are a good source of vitamins and minerals that our body needs. That said, there are scientific reasons why our bodies seem to crave potatoes. Hopefully, the information provided here has helped you understand why you crave potatoes.

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