10 Best Congee Toppings (Updated 2024)

Congee Toppings

Looking for congee toppings that match rice porridge perfectly? This article will help you do just that. Read on to find out the best congee toppings to add a kick to this dish. You may experiment with different ingredients, including vegetables, meats, herbs, and spices.

Congee, a traditional Chinese rice porridge that is easily digestible, is the go-to comfort food. You can eat it any time of day or night. It is also a customizable dish in either savory or sweet flavors.

Best Congee Toppings

1. Dried Shrimp

Dried Shrimps

Add a seafood touch to your congee. Shrimp that is dried and shelled can add a highly nutritious and flavorful kick to your meal. Shrimp is also rich in protein and other nutrients.

To prepare rice congee using dried shrimp, first, soak the shrimp in warm water. Then, add the shrimp and water to the congee at the same time. It will infuse a refreshing taste in your congee.

Eating congee with dried shrimp regularly can help to increase appetite, enhance the skin, and improve kidney function.

2. Salted Duck Eggs

Salted Duck Eggs

Why not try some salted duck eggs? This type of egg is commonly eaten with plain rice porridge. The egg whites become highly salty, while the egg yolks are creamy and savory. Well-made, salted egg yolks are golden orange.

Salted duck eggs are preserved through salt-water brine soaking or by salted charcoal packing.

3. Coriander


Adding coriander to your plain, bland congee will make it more flavorful. This herb is a common seasoning in many dishes around the world.

Chinese recipes, such as soups and congee, all contain coriander. Coriander is used in traditional Asian food therapy to improve appetite. Additionally, Chinese herbal medicine employs it to treat pain and depression.

4. Goji Berry

Goji Berry - Congee Toppings

Looking for healthier toppings for your congee? Then the goji berry is for you. It has a light, natural, and sweet flavor. This ingredient is pretty popular with various rice porridge dishes.

Goji berries aid in the prevention of aging because of their anti-aging properties. Goji berries also help to protect the eyes and support liver function.

Before boiling the goji berries, immerse them in warm water until they soften. This helps remove any dirt from their surfaces and increases flavor release.

5. Garlic Chives

Garlic Chives

When heated, garlic chives become sweet and fragrant. Congee quickly absorbs its flavor. When preparing congee, they work best when combined with mild-flavored ingredients. Garlic chives, for example, go well with seafood congee.

This ingredient, as per Chinese medicine, improves physical strength, boosts appetite, cures a cold, and disperses blood stagnation.

6. Chicken, Mushrooms, and Edamame

Chicken Congee

How about this triple goodness? Topping congee with a selection of chicken, mushrooms, and edamame is a great idea.

The rice porridge with these ingredients provides a pack of flavors with a creamy and nutty twist.

7. Scallions


Scallions often referred to as green onions, are used by chefs in Cantonese cuisine. To boost taste and appetite, you can serve them as toppings for your congee.

Scallions have antioxidant properties and can strengthen the immune system. You can consume the green and white parts to cure common colds. It also causes sweating and helps to get rid of heat.

8. Fresh Ginger

Fresh Ginger - Congee Toppings

Fresh ginger is commonly sprinkled on top of congee. However, it is also shredded and used as a seasoning or to marinate meat and fish. As a result, the ginger-infused congee has appetite-stimulating effects. It is no surprise that ginger appears in almost every congee dish.

Moreover, fresh ginger eliminates toxins, kills bacteria, and deodorizes the body. It contains gingerol, which generates an antioxidant when consumed.

According to herbal treatments, ginger may also strengthen the stomach, ease discomfort, and disperse heat.

9. Ham Hock

Ham Hock

Want a meaty meal? A ham hock, which will tenderize into the rice and water while it cooks, is enough to enhance your congee with extra flavor. You do not need to make homemade stock or buy a pricey ham.

Pour a splash of sesame oil into your congee, add some chopped green onion, and serve. Enjoy a filling and delicious meal.

10. Celery

Diced celery

Celery can give your congee a bold taste. It even has several health benefits. It is a low-calorie, fiber-rich vegetable that generates an antioxidant when digested.

Celery, especially its leaves, can help prevent cardiovascular diseases like hypertension and arteriosclerosis. It has other medicinal properties. Celery also aids in the prevention of heart attacks and strokes, as well as treats psoriasis.

The Bottom Line

Top your congee with a variety of delectable ingredients. Take your pick from the options provided above depending on your preferences. They are not only tasty but also healthy. Have fun eating!


10 Best Congee Toppings

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Best Congee Toppings

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