What Is Waterless Cookware and Is It Worth It? (Updated 2024)

what is Waterless Cookware

Are you curious about what is waterless cookware? We will explain what it is and if it’s worth your buying.

Many people pledge to eat healthier. Whether for yourself or your family, you can cook your way to a healthier life.

How do you ask? Besides eating more nutritious foods, such as fruits and vegetables, having the right cookware in hand can also help change your lifestyle.

One of the most suitable tools to help you on this quest is waterless cookware.

Many prefer these cooking vessels because they offer even cooking without using water or fat.

To learn more about this type of cookware, read on.

What is Waterless Cookware?

Waterless cookware includes cooking vessels or tools made of stainless steel that do not require the use of water or fat in cooking.

More than having a stainless steel foundation, waterless cookware typically has an iron core to help with heat retention and an aluminum or copper base for even heat distribution.

Combined, all of these factors ensure evenly cooked food at low heat without requiring the use of water or oil.

This allows you to cook your food in a much healthier way, retaining more vitamins and minerals in the process.

Waterless cookware has many layers of metals, usually five to seven layers, ensuring a thick and durable vessel able to withstand heat.

The stainless steel material protects all the other layers from corroding.

This cookware also comes with airtight lids, often with a steam valve.

How Does Waterless Cookware Work?

Cooking with waterless cookware, as the name implies, is done without water, or even oil or grease for that matter.

Instead, cooking with these vessels uses low heat combined with a vacuum or suction of sorts thanks to the airtight lids.

The steam control valve that comes with the cookware allows steam to work through the ingredients until everything is fully cooked.

Once done, the control valve on the lid will make a whistling sound, similar to that of a pressure cooker or even a tea kettle.

This signals that the food is cooked and it is time to turn the heat off.

The iron core contributes to the overall cooking process by keeping the temperature at the same level.

Thanks to the high-grade stainless steel, your food will retain its flavor rather than leeching off a metallic taste from the cookware.

Reasons You Should Use Waterless Cookware

By now, you may be ready to explore the wonders waterless cookware can do for you and your health.

Below we have some reasons why you should try this cooking method:

  • No Water Means No Boiling

By not using water in your cooking, you will save the vitamins and minerals in your food, especially when it comes to vegetables and fruits.

When you boil your food with water, it takes away around 50% of the vitamins and minerals from the food.

Waterless cooking, therefore, allows you got to make food without losing the majority of its nutrients.

  • Energy Efficient

While you may think otherwise, waterless cookware is actually more energy efficient.

Using only low heat can save you lots of gas or electricity.

The materials used in this type of cookware ensure that low to medium heat works not only for your energy needs but also to preserve the nutrients in your food.

  • Enhanced Safety

Old or poor-quality cookware can leach metals into your food.

This can affect both the benefits and the taste of the food, putting our health in danger.

When it comes to waterless cookware, you know that your safety is ensured each and every time thanks to the numerous thick layers that make it impossible for harmful metals to come in contact with your food.

The Bottom Line

Waterless cookware may be something novel to you.

With this article, we hope you have gained a more solid grasp on what these cooking vessels offer and how you can truly utilize them to your advantage.

Accompanied by numerous features and benefits, we say that they are certainly worth a try.

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