11 Best Starburst Flavors Ranked!

Best Starburst flavors

Have you tried Starburst candy? If not, this article will guide you to the best Starburst flavors on the market. There are several varieties of the world-famous Starburst candy to select from.

Many people love Starburst’s chewy, juicy, and tangy candy. Read on to discover what makes these candies great.

What Is Starburst Candy?

Starburst is a classic candy that has chewy and fruity characteristics. Created in the U.K. in 1960, Opal Fruits was the original name of the product. Strawberry, lemon, lime, and orange were the first four flavors launched for the candies.

Mars company adopted Opal Fruits as the brand increased its popularity. The Mars company launched the product to the U.K. markets around five years later.

They rebranded the candy as “Starburst” in the United States in 1967, and by 1998, Starburst had become its worldwide name.

Following its arrival in the U.S., other varieties were introduced. In addition to the fruit chews, they also offer jelly beans and hard candy canes.

Best Starburst Flavors

1. Strawberry

Best Starburst flavor Strawberry

Get this all-time favorite original flavor. Pink strawberry’s taste is extremely sweet with a hint of tartness. It has a mild and less robust flavor than the other offerings.

Did you know that this flavor is also a favorite of many celebrities and even presidents? So, don’t miss this Starburst flavor!

2. Watermelon

Watermelon-flavored Starburst is fresh, juicy, and delicate — everything you want in the actual watermelon fruit. This deep pink candy is delectably sweet, just like the strawberry flavor.

Watermelon is a must-try for any pink Starburst fans.

3. Cherry

Best Starburst flavors - Cherry

Do you like cherries? Well then, this cherry Starburst is for you.

While eating this delicious red candy, you will be reminded of sweet, sour, and juicy cherries; the perfect cherry on top!

4. Grape Slushie

Because of its delicious grape flavor, this Summer Splash pack flavor is one of the best. The taste is a bit sweeter and more balanced than the typical grape-flavored treats we are used to.

5. Lemon

Classic lemon is also available in Starburst flavors. This candy is fresh and sweet with a hint of sourness. Although it is not as sweet as some of the other options.

6. Strawberry Watermelon


Two of the favorite FaveREDs flavors have been combined into one with this Strawberry Watermelon candy. Rather than a mixed flavor, this one is half strawberry and half watermelon, with the colors divided down the center.

This option has more of a strawberry taste than watermelon, so you will get the same sweetness as the original strawberry but with a more tropical touch.

7. Lemon Lime

When you put lemon and lime together, you get twice the amount of juiciness and tartness. For those who enjoy citrus, this is a delightful twist.

If the original lemon is not enough for you, the lime gives an added summery feel, making it more refreshing. That’s why it is included in the Summer Splash collection.

8. Cherry Cooler

Enjoy another Starburst cherry variation with a summer twist. Cherry Cooler tastes fresh, and it adds a unique experience to the regular cherry chew. This flavor balances out the cherry’s tartness because the coolers generally have less lemon and sugar in them.

Moreover, some people think the original red candy in cherry flavor tastes similar to cold medication. This option fixes that and gives the cherry a summery spin.

9. Orange

Starburst orange flavor

A common flavor in candies, orange tastes fresh. If you are a yellow Starburst fan, then orange is a decent option.

You may find it superior compared to other Tropical Pack selections.

10. Fruit Punch

Fruit Punch candy is yummy and offers a lot of distinct flavors. You will taste a touch of grape in it, along with cranberry, passion fruit, and guava. 

This dark purple chew might be a tasty option for grape fans. It also has the same acidic intensity as the cherry flavor.

11. Blue Raspberry Lemonade

How about Blue Raspberry Lemonade? The flavor is fascinating and puzzling, but it might suit your preference.

On one side, there is blue raspberry, which is a complex taste to pin down in the first place. Actually, it does not have a raspberry flavor to it at all. When you combine lemonade with it, you get a more acidic, subtle blue raspberry flavor with a quite sweet aftertaste.

Wrapping Up

Starburst candy has a range of flavors, and the manufacturer is always coming up with new variations. You can choose your favorite flavor from the selection of fruit-inspired choices. Enjoy the fruity goodness that the candies bring.

Hope you enjoyed our list of the best Starburst flavors. Have fun!


11 Best Starburst Flavors

Check out this list of the best Starburst flavors to try!

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