5 Best Ways to Reheat Leftover Pizza! (Updated 2024)

How to reheat pizza

Have you ordered pizza lately? Pizza is great for sharing or for eating solo. However, there may be times when you have leftovers. Discover how to reheat pizza so you can get that same fresh-from-the-oven quality.

This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to reheat pizza. You can heat your pizza in the oven, stovetop, grill, air fryer, or microwave. Choose the one that fits you best by considering how many slices you want to heat and how soon you want to eat it.

How to Reheat Pizza 

1. Reheat Pizza in the Oven

How to Reheat Pizza in the Oven

The oven is the ideal option for reheating pizza. This method is convenient and effective. However, the reheating process will take a bit longer than the other methods below.

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Lay the pizza on a sheet of aluminum foil. 
  3. Place it on the rack. It will heat the pizza evenly on both the top and bottom sides.
  4. Another option: while the oven warms up, preheat a sheet pan. Place the pizza in your heated pan.
  5. Heat in the oven for about 10 minutes. 
  6. Check that the pizza is warm and the cheese has melted. If you want your pizza crispier, heat it for a few more minutes. 
  7. If you are using a toaster oven, heat the pizza for 3 to 4 minutes.
  8. Once the pizza is warm, remove it from the oven.
  9. Serve and enjoy!

2. Reheat Pizza on the Stove

How to Reheat Pizza on a Skillet

Are you reheating just one or two pizza slices? Then consider using a skillet on the stovetop. This method will preserve the bottom crust’s crispiness, melt the cheese, and thoroughly heat the toppings.

  1. Preheat a skillet on the stove over medium heat. 
  2. Place the pizza on the heated skillet. 
  3. Heat for 2 to 3 minutes 
  4. Pour a few drops of water into the side of the skillet, not directly on the pizza. This is an important step because the water produces steam which helps reheat the toppings.
  5. Cover the skillet with a lid. The lid traps the steam inside.
  6. Heat for another minute or two. The pizza is ready once the cheese is melted completely.
  7. When the pizza is hot, remove it from the skillet.
  8. Serve and enjoy!

3. Reheat Pizza on the Grill

How to Reheat Pizza on the Grill

Reheating on the grill may not be a common method. However, if you have a grill, following this method can result in crispy and delicious warm pizza. 

  1. Preheat the grill to a medium-high level. 
  2. Put the slices of pizza on the hot grill. Simply set them on top of the grate.
  3. Heat for 5 to 7 minutes. The pizza is ready when the crust is crispy and heated through.  
  4. Once the pizza is hot, take it off the grill.
  5. Serve and enjoy!

4. Reheat Pizza in an Air Fryer

Reheat Leftover Pizza Slices

Using an air fryer to reheat pizza is also a good option. This multipurpose kitchen appliance is fast and easy to use. After a short time, you’ll have a crisp, delicious pizza slice.

  1. Place a pizza slice in your cold air fryer.
  2. Switch on the heat to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  3. Heat the pizza for around 5 minutes. The time may vary from 4 to 8 minutes.
  4. Once the pizza is hot, remove it from the air fryer.
  5. Serve and enjoy!

5. Reheat Pizza in the Microwave

How to Reheat Pizza using a Microwave

Leftover pizza warmed in the microwave isn’t as tasty as using other methods. A slice reheated in the microwave will always be mushier and harder than one reheated in the oven or on the stovetop. It is, however, really easy and fast. Use this method only as a last resort.

  1. Line a microwave-safe dish with a paper towel. The paper will absorb extra moisture and help to keep the pizza from getting too mushy.
  2. Lay the slice of pizza on the lined dish and put it inside the microwave. 
  3. Heat for about 30 seconds. 
  4. Check if the pizza has warmed enough. If not, heat again for 15 seconds. Repeat as needed.
  5. Once the pizza is hot, remove it from the microwave.
  6. Serve and enjoy!

In Conclusion


Pizza is a delicious treat for any occasion. And, fortunately, you can eat pizza that tastes like it’s fresh from the oven even after a few days in the refrigerator. Simply reheat the pizza using the methods listed above. Enjoy your crispy, gooey pizza!


How to Reheat Pizza in Toaster Oven

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Learn the best technique to reheat pizza in a conventional toaster oven. We will look at how to adjust the temperature and cooking time to reheat pizza in a way that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

  • Author: Recipe Marker


  • Pizza
  • Baking Sheet
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Toaster Oven


  1. Preheat your toaster oven for 5 minutes at 425°F.
  2. Place aluminum foil on a baking sheet and lay the pizza on top.
  3. Make sure the baking sheet is in the middle of the oven.
  4. Cook for 3-4 minutes, until it is hot and crispy.

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