8 Best Tomato Substitutes for Cooking (Updated 2023)

Tomato substitute

Are you looking for a good substitute for tomatoes? Stick around as we share some of the best tomato substitutes you can use in your cooking recipe.

One of the most well-known and widely used veggies in the world is the tomato. Many parts of the world cultivate and consume them, and they appear in a broad range of diverse recipes as well.

Substitutes for Tomatoes

It doesn’t matter if you’re allergic to tomatoes, or if you simply don’t like their flavor of them, we’ll give you the best alternatives for tomatoes below. 

Best Tomato Substitute

If you don’t like the flavor of tomatoes, you may want to consider using a tomato replacement. Which option you choose depends on what type of recipe you are making and what qualities you need for it. Let’s check out some choices. 

1. Tamarind Paste

Tamarind Paste - Tomato Substitute

Tamarind paste comes from a fruit that grows on a tamarind tree. It tastes a bit sour and sweet at the same time. Often you will find tamarind paste in curries. 

In Latin American, Asian, and Indian markets, tamarind paste is readily accessible. Pre-made tamarind paste has the advantage of having a long shelf life, making it convenient to keep in the fridge and use as required.

2. Olives


Adding olives will give your food a completely new flavor character, which is both interesting and refreshing!

Olives are a great source of the savory umami flavor tomatoes offer. Using olives as a replacement, your food will definitely taste different, but delicious. 

3. Pumpkin

Pumpkin - Tomato Substitute

Pumpkins are winter squash ranging in color from dark yellow to orange. Originally from Mexico and the United States, they are now well-known and frequently used all over the world.

Pumpkins contain high levels of vitamin A. Pumpkin puree can replace tomatoes in recipes that call for tomato paste, and a small amount of vinegar can mimic the acidity of tomatoes if desired.

4. Mango


Mango is a tropical fruit that originated in southern Asia and is now grown all over the world. In general, mangoes are sweet and juicy, although the flavor and texture might vary depending on the variety and how ripe the fruit is.

You may use unripe mangoes in place of tomatoes because they are tarter and less sweet than ripe mangoes.

Mangoes, like tamarind paste, are commonly found in a wide variety of curries, making them an excellent tomato alternative.

5. Stock and Vinegar

Stock and Vinegar

Instead of going to a grocery shop to pick up the components, you’re missing, try this quick and easy recipe for a rich flavor additive.

Use stock you’ve already made or purchased and flavor it with some vinegar. This will provide the sourness you’re looking for from tomatoes.

This works best in sauces and soups.

6. Cheese


Cheese, like the olive idea, may appear to be a bit of a stretch. Tomatoes and cheese, however, both add a delicious umami flavor to food.

If you’re missing the tomato in your salad or sandwich, try adding some crumbled feta or shaved parmesan.

7. Red Bell Pepper

Red Bell Pepper -Tomato Substitute

Tomatoes can be substituted with red bell peppers because they have a similar flavor and appearance. Make a red pepper puree if you want a wide variety of tastes.

You may use blended roasted peppers instead of tomato paste in recipes that ask for it. Just add sugar, salt, and lemon to the peppers before using them.

Red bell peppers are excellent in salads and sandwiches, in addition to cooked recipes.

8. Canned Tomatoes

Canned Tomatoes

Drained canned tomatoes are a fantastic alternative to fresh tomatoes for those without allergies. Although the flavor is more powerful and the food is cooked, the color and tomato-y sweetness remain.

This is a fantastic substitute for fresh tomatoes in meals you will be cooking anyway.


For those who cannot live without tomatoes, the options listed above can be of great assistance. Even though the color of tomatoes is something you’ll miss, you won’t miss the texture or taste if you use any of the above items.

Hope you like these alternatives to tomatoes for your cooking recipe.


8 Best Tomato Substitutes

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