What Does Lobster Taste Like? (Updated 2024)

What does lobster taste like?

Despite its popularity, many people have never tasted lobster. So you might be curious about what lobster tastes like.

In this article, we will talk about this and share some reasons why people love it so much.

Whether they’re intimidated by its spindly claws or they simply don’t know how to cook or even eat one, there’s a reason why one wonders what this special seafood tastes like.

If you are looking to have some during the holidays, get accustomed to its taste and you’re guaranteed to be craving for it the rest of your days.

What is a lobster?

What is Lobster

A lobster falls under the crustacean family. It has a relatively long body complete with a muscular tail.

They possess huge claws that help them move around in the ocean and catch their prey, such as mollusks and other small sea animals like fish.

There is a wide variety of lobsters, the most common of which is found in the waters of Labrador to North Carolina.

Called the American lobster, these commercially available seafood offerings generally weigh around half a kilogram and measure about 25 centimeters long.

Why is lobster so expensive?

Cooked Lobster

Most restaurants serve lobster for a hefty fee. Fancy, high-end establishments take advantage of this, making it a status symbol for the rich and famous.

Though common in many places, the main reason why lobster commands such a high price is it is in constant demand. As these crustaceans dwindle in numbers, the prices soar.

According to the Pacific Standard Magazine, it all comes down to the law of supply and demand.

What does lobster taste like?


Tasty Lobster

If you have eaten crabs and other crustaceans in your life, know that lobster tastes exactly like a cross between a crab and a shrimp.

Its meat is firm, yet smooth and soft to the bite, all at once.

Cooked through boiling or steaming, the taste retains the freshness of the sea, meaning it contains hints of saltiness and tanginess that one can only get from seafood.

However, unlike crab, it takes on a sweeter flavor profile.

In the same way, it does not have that fishy smell of crab. Because of the huge amount of protein stored in its body, especially in its claws, and tail, the texture of these parts may seem spongier.

Bear in mind that the taste and texture differ greatly depending on how it was cooked. There are some herbs and ingredients which complement and add flavor to its meat.

For example, boiling and steaming it maintains its plump, juicy taste. Meanwhile, baking, frying, and grilling allow the subtly sweet taste of its meat to take on a smokier flavor.

Popular Lobster Dishes

Lobster Dish

A rarity, and quite frankly a treat these days, lobster tends to come few and far between in the lives of many.

In fact, this particular seafood favorite is considered a once-a-year delicacy or a reward for some. Christmas, New Year, and everywhere in between is the perfect time to give lobster a try.

Below are some of the more popular ways of serving it.

  • Lobster Bisque

Lobster Bisque

Starting your meal with something warm? This lobster bisque blends all the juices and sweetness of the lobster and transforms it into something creamy and magical.

Typically served in bread bowls, a la chowder style, or in small, elegant, and pristine bowls, lobster bisque brings the flavor of the sea closer than you can ever imagine.

  • Lobster Thermidor

Lobster Thermidor

Lobster thermidor is perhaps one of the greatest ways to consume this fan favorite.

Made with a mixture of lobster meat, egg yolks, and brandy, topped with cheese, and baked to perfection – let’s just say there’s a reason why this dish remains supreme.

  • Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll

Trips to the beach will never be the same again with a lobster roll in your hand.

Sandwiched between two buttery toasted buns, this delectable and downright light and refreshing treat is sure to fill you up for an afternoon of fun and games.

Using this for your holiday gatherings? Portion them into bite-sized pieces.

  • Lobster Mac and Cheese

Lobster Mac N Cheese

Want something familiar and heart-warming? You won’t go wrong with elevating the good ol’ mac and cheese into something fancier.

The creamy, luscious, and salty combination of cheese is sure to hit you right in the feels.

Not to mention, the sweet-salty taste of lobster and its equally creamy texture will define the meaning of comfort food.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know more about this popular seafood and what lobster tastes like, it’s high time that you include it in your holiday festivities.

With these popular lobster dishes, you can definitely get an out-of-this-world experience that only lobster can give.

what does lobster taste like


5 Best Lobster Recipes

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Check out these great Lobster Recipes that have been shared on Pinterest.

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  4. Enjoy your delicious meal =)


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