About Dinosaur Egg Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink! (Updated 2024)

About Dinosaur Egg Dutch Bros

Are you curious about the Dinosaur Egg Dutch Bros Rebel energy drink? Stick around as we share information about this popular refreshment.

When it comes to refreshing beverages, getting some fruit-infused ones is usually a popular option. Dutch Bros offers many fruity flavored energy drinks.

But what makes this coffee chain stand out? It’s their consistent attitude of always taking one extra step towards creativity–both in product names and flavors.

Among the well-loved flavors from Dutch Bros is their Dinosaur Egg. I’ll ask you when you read the name, what’s the flavor that comes to your mind?

Unpredictable, indeed. Let’s learn more about this unique dinosaur egg flavor. Read on for more details.

About Dinosaur Egg Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros offers us a wide selection of beverages and even sweet snacks. They have lemonade, dosa, chai, energy drink, classics, freeze, cold brew, kid’s drinks, and even frost.

Indeed, this coffee chain has mastered the different beverages that suit everyone’s taste.

In every drink category, Dutch Bros has also a huge option of flavors, and one of these is the Dinosaur Egg.

This uniquely named flavor is actually an infusion of blue raspberry with strawberry, white chocolate, and almond drizzle.

So from the first fruit mentioned in its ingredient, you will already think that the color of this drink falls between green and blue.

Also, since this drink is blue raspberry-dominant, you can get the nostalgia-streaking flavor from your childhood. Dinosaur Egg flavor is present in Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink, Frost, and Soda. 

Aside from being a refreshing and tasty beverage flavor, this blue raspberry-dominant drink will give you a burst of energy.

Dutch Bros Dinosaur Egg Nutrition Facts

Are you wondering if the Dinosaur Egg offers any nutritional benefits? The Dinosaur Egg from Dutch Bros is a rebel energy drink that can be served as iced or blended. 

These rebel energy drinks contain a high amount of sugar which will definitely provide you a sugar rush. 

If you prefer a healthier drink then request a “sugar-free” version where they can use sugar-free sweeteners instead.

Although we don’t have specific nutrition information available we can see that the ingredients of this drink are similar to the Shark Attack flavor.

Thus, you can expect that this drink contains about 270 calories for a size small, 320 calories for a size medium, and about 470 calories for a size large.

This high-calorie energy drink will get you zooming throughout the day.

What is Dutch Bros?

About Dinosaur Egg Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros. Coffee is a well-known coffee chain in the western United States.

It has 422 sites and continues to grow at a rapid pace. Oregon, California, Washington, and Arizona are just a few of the nine western states that are served these delightful drinks.

Because of its focus on drive-thru sales, it has remained open during the outbreak, offering it a more secure option.

Both franchised and company-owned Dutch Bros. Coffee outlets have increased in popularity.

242 of its 422 locations are franchised, while the remaining 175 are owned by the corporation. In spite of the pandemic, Dutch Bros plans to add 53 new locations in 2020, with 42 of them owned and 11 franchised.

And in 2021, the company plans to ramp up its expansion. 85 more stores are expected to open by the end of 2021. 71 of those locations will be owned by the corporation, and 14 will be operated by current franchisees, as well.

Other Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors

Dutch Bros, depending on the beverage series, provides us with a plethora of flavors–from sweet to sour. Let’s take their Rebel Energy Drink as an example. This beverage line has more than 30 flavors.

However, Rebel Energy Drink has four best-seller flavors namely Electric Berry, Aftershock, Shack Attack, and Peach.

With these four bestsellers, you will surely notice how the coffee chain really puts creativity next to the quality of its products.


Dutch Bros.’ Dinosaur Egg flavor is a mix of blue raspberry, strawberry, white chocolate, and almond drizzle.

This flavor is available in Rebel Energy Drink, Frost, and Soda.

We hope that the information provided above helped you understand the unique Dinosaur Egg flavor from Dutch Bros.

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