What is the Difference Between Left and Right Twix? (2024)

difference between left and right twix

Are you curious about what is the difference between left and right Twix bars? We explain below…

The ever-delightful chocolate in a golden wrapper, popularly known as Twix, is one of the brands of Mars Inc. The milk chocolate cookie flowed with caramel and bathed in chocolate tastes creamy and melts in your mouth.

The chocolatey confection has been an all-time favorite of not just Americans but also other nationalities.

A few years back, the brand escalated the greatest mystery for fans through a commercial. The company revealed two rival divisions: left and right.

While it’s obvious the two bars of cookies are identical, the brand claims the two sides are different.

So, what’s the deal? Read on to find out the difference between the right and left Twix chocolate cookies.

Twix Rival Factories

The long-running ‘best side of Twix‘ campaign has gone to great lengths with the company asking people which side they prefer.

In the DeSide convention, Left and Right Twix fanatics gathered to complete questionnaires on their interests, clothing preferences, and socializing likes and dislikes.

The results showed that the two sides have nothing in common, which is absolutely shocking.

This rivalry paved the way for people to study the two sides of the chocolate cookie and dig deeper into their characteristics.

Brand director Michelle Diegnan even joined in the fun and claimed that Twix fans are the same but with differences in the sides they pick.

Left vs Right Twix

difference between left and right twix

Many people are so into the campaign that they carefully examine the two sides. According to modern-day Twix rival factories, the two sides are not the same.

In the right Twix factory, caramel flows on the cookie, while in the left Twix factory, caramel cascades onto the cookie. There’s a distinct difference in the coating process.

This discourse is still not a laughing matter as fans are still looking for clues whether the two sides are truly different.

To make the rivalry more serious, Twix.com made a statement that says, “Right Twix Bars are packaged in the same location as that other Twix at The Twix Union Packaging Company. They package Right Twix between the hours 12:00 pm and 11:00 pm, the other one is packaged between 12:00 am and 11:00 am.

But of course, fanatics still believe the two sides differ.

For instance, some claim that Left Twix is more crunchy and sweet because the cookie was enrobed in chocolate and then drizzled with caramel. This makes the cookie inside crispier.

Meanwhile, the Right Twix is cloaked in chocolate with cascaded caramel that makes it taste sweeter and also crunchy.

In the end, neither of the manufacturers can deny the similarity between the two supposed rivals. Consumers are left confused about whether the two sides are similar or not.

This debate started a buzz around the chocolate cookie brand, which probably increased its sales over the past years.

Marketing Campaign

The heightened curiosity of fans led to Twix giving a twist to its packaging. This will continually allow people to talk about the chocolate and inspect for themselves the difference between the two.

With unique packaging and new labeling, consumers can prove that the two sides differ. Some of the changes include opposing colors of the print.

Other than the alleged production and labeling, both sides have some common ground. Mars Inc created them in 1967, and they share a similar taste, both crunchy and sweet.

Marketing Influence

Since Twix’s left and right rivalry has shown great success in consumers’ interest and prompt sales increase, many other companies have tried doing the same thing.

There are also new platforms to encourage consumer attention and engage customers. For instance, Instagram stories allow users to pick a side, whether they prefer right or left Twix.

The tallied votes show the percentage of people who liked one side better than the other. Up to this date, many chocolate enthusiasts and fans still engage in the debate between the two sides.

As long as they aren’t making any official announcement, people are still free to make assumptions about whether the two sides are identical or not.


Twix Candy

Mars Inc. doesn’t have a legitimate answer on which Twix side is better (Left Twix vs Right Twix) or if the two are completely different or similar.

However, the distinction can be found on the label, as the right Twix is cloaked in chocolate with cascaded caramel, and the left side is enrobed in chocolate with drizzled caramel.

We hope you enjoyed this fun article about what is the difference between left and right Twix. Cheers!


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