Foods That Start With S (Updated 2024)

Foods That Start with S

If you’re looking for foods that start with S, we’ve got you covered.

Take a look at some of these delicious offerings below.

If you’re a foodie who thrives on eating various types of food around the globe, then you’re certainly one to tick off special boxes in your book.

One of the best and easiest ways to go about your bucket list is by going through the alphabet.

In this case, we will jumpstart our culinary journey with foods that start with S.

With the various unique cultures and traditions observed throughout the world, an abundance of both food ingredients and dishes fall under this category.


Popular Foods That Start With S

1. Salmon


For those looking for foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients, salmon may be your best bet. After all, it ranks as a superfood in the health community.

In fact, two servings of this fish a week will help boost immunity and reduce risks of heart disease, and diabetes, and even improve the brain’s cognitive functions.

Besides this, fatty fish like salmon can help provide a healthy serving of protein.

It also promotes stronger bones and helps fight inflammation.

Salmon is also known for helping reduce the risk of depression, stress, and anxiety.

A truly versatile fish, it can be grilled, steamed, pan-fried, and even braised or cooked in soups and stews.

Compared to other types of fish, salmon has a mildly sweet taste.

It can absorb stronger flavors during cooking, such as garlic, teriyaki sauce or glaze, and the like.


2. Strawberries

Strawberry - Foods That Start with S

Strawberries are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after berries in the world and for good reason.

These bright red and juicy berries provide an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants, as well as fiber for gut health, and much more.

They can even lower your blood pressure and reduce the risks of cancer.

What most people don’t know is that strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges, making them one of the best sources of antioxidants.

This may contribute to the berry’s popularity.

As a matter of fact, it is even considered a type of aphrodisiac in France.

Strawberries have a sweet yet tarty taste.

They are often eaten on their own, with cream or milk on the side, or covered in chocolate.

They can also be added to salads and paired with vinaigrette, used in cakes and ice cream, in jams and marmalades, and even in milkshakes and slushies.


3. Sushi

Sushi - Foods That Start with S

Fans of Japanese food know this dish well.

After all, this vibrant, colorful, and eye-catching dish commands just about anyone’s interest.

Simply put, sushi is a type of Japanese dish made with seasoned rice and vinegar and finished with raw fish or vegetables.

Various types of sushi exist, though many confuse them with sashimi, which pertains to raw fish alone.

Among the popular kinds of sushi that have gained a strong following worldwide include maguro (tuna), toro (tuna belly), Ebi (shrimp), and hamachi (yellowtail).

Salmon is also a widely popular sushi ingredient, as well as uni (sea urchin), unagi (eel), and ikura (salmon roe).

It is customary to eat sushi in one bite with your hands.

You should only flavor the fish with soy sauce or wasabi, rather than dipping the rice part and overpowering the whole creation.


4. Steak


When it comes to fine dining, steak definitely tops the list.

This high-quality beef comes grilled, broiled, or even fried to perfection.

What makes steak decadent is that it is usually taken from more premium cuts and those with fleshier areas, such as the tenderloin and the short loin.

A lack of heavy muscle tone in these areas makes the meat more tender and meatier.

Besides the premium cuts, their size makes steaks quite expensive.

Of course, the dining establishment you get your steak from also factors into its price.

Some of the more popular types of steak include the t-bone or porterhouse, tenderloin, ribeye, or the New York Strip.

Steak typically comes with sides such as mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, scalloped potatoes, French beans, and sauces such as béarnaise, mushroom, or peppercorn.


5. Sourdough

Sourdough - Foods that start with S

Sourdough is a type of bread that uses wild yeast, or more correctly, a starter.

A starter is essential to achieve the desired leavening and rising of the bread.

The starter comes from the yeast, flour, and water mixture.

After cultivation, the starter becomes bubbly and tends to impart a slightly sour yet fresh scent.

Sourdough bread has made waves in the baking and bread community thanks to its reputation as a healthier alternative to traditional white bread.

The fermentation process gives the bread mineral, zinc, magnesium, and potassium.


The Bottom Line

There are tons of foods that start with S if you look hard enough.

With this list, you can finally tick off some food items that begin with this letter and dive into a gastronomic adventure.


Foods That Start With S

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