Popular Foods That Start With J (Updated 2024)

Foods That Start with J

For this article, we will focus on foods that start with J.

There are thousands, if not millions, of foodstuff around the world.

All of these are vital not only for broadening your culinary taste and horizon but also for tempering your taste buds.

Not to mention, they can introduce cultures we may not be familiar with.

Thankfully, there is a good way to get to know these food items better and that’s going through the alphabet one letter at a time. 

If you don’t know where to begin with the letter J, this list will get you started with items you can easily find near you.

Popular Foods That Start With J

1. Jackfruit


Jackfruit is a type of fruit native to the Southeast Asian region, as well as to Africa and Brazil.

It usually grows in tropical areas and is considered a relative of breadfruit and figs.

When ripe, jackfruit tends to take on a sweet taste and a fleshy, juicy texture that can be served as part of a dessert of consumed as is.

Young or unripe, however, this fruit has a stringier texture and a much milder taste, making it a perfect base for absorbing stronger flavors.

Because of this property, jackfruit has become a trendy and popular meat alternative these days.

As a matter of fact, some use it as a pulled pork substitute because it absorbs the wonderful flavors of the sauce while maintaining a meatier texture.

Low in calories and without fat or cholesterol, it comes as no surprise that jackfruit has a strong following around the globe.

It has high fiber content, potassium, and other nutrients.

2. Jambalaya


Jambalaya is part of quintessential Creole cooking.

This highly popular Southern dish consists of a medley of rice, meat, and vegetables.

Jambalaya has many different influences, including African, Creole, French, and Spanish cooking.

It was, of course, born out of necessity and the call of the times.

There are two main types of jambalaya, namely the Creole and the Cajun style.

The difference between the two lies in the use of tomatoes and the manner of cooking.

The Creole jambalaya includes tomatoes, alongside a mirepoix made of onion, celery, and bell peppers.

It is often made with meat such as andouille sausage or chicken. This version is more popular in New Orleans.

Cajun-style jambalaya, on the other hand, does not include tomatoes.

Instead, its rich flavors come from the browning of the meat prior to caramelizing the mirepoix.

This type of cooking is more popular in the rest of Louisiana.

3. Jalapeños


Fans of all things spicy will surely be well-acquainted with the jalapeño.

It is a hot green chili pepper commonly used in Mexican cooking.

Its name comes from ‘Jalapa’ or ‘Xalapa,’ the capital of Veracruz, Mexico, and the original home of the pepper.

Jalapeño peppers are used in a variety of dishes or creations, including salsas, chilis, salad dressings, on top of nachos, as a topping on burgers and other grilled dishes, and many others.

It tends to register anywhere between 2,500 and 8,000 on the Scoville scale, meaning they are moderately hot or spicy.

Apart from the heat, their flavor errs on the side of green bell peppers.

It has a vegetal flavor typical of capsicums.

However, as they ripen and turn red, jalapeños tend to become sweeter.

4. Jerky


Jerky is long, thin strips of dried meat that have been left under the sun to dry.

This type of food tastes somewhat chewy and stringy.

Many consume it as a snack because of its handy and portable nature.

Today, jerky is a great food item that can be stored for winter use, for traveling, hiking, or camping, or simply eating at home or in the office.

There are various types of jerkies, including beef, fish, wild game, and even chicken jerky.

It is often flavored with other seasonings apart from salt to give it depth and dimension.

5. Jam


Breakfast lovers will surely know what jam is.

After all, this breakfast staple pairs well not only with toast, but also with other dishes such as oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, crepes, and yes, even ice cream.

You can also add it to many other creations such as shakes and even salad dressings.

Jam is a thick, sweet paste made from chunks of fruit and sugar boiled down until it reaches a spreadable consistency.

Some of the more popular variants on the market include berries and grapes.


The items on this list are just some of the many foods that start with j.

If you’re in a rut and wondering where to start your culinary journey with this letter, make sure to give some of these items a go and you will certainly give your tastebuds a whirl with something new.


Popular Foods That Start With J

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