What To Serve With Tandoori Chicken: 5 Best Side Dishes (Updated 2024)

What to Serve with Tandoori Chicken

Having an Indian-themed night means laying out all the best the cuisine has to offer. When this happens, one mainstay you should always have on your table is none other than tandoori chicken.

One of the more popular Indian recipes throughout the world, this chicken dish comes packed with flavor thanks to the different spices used to make it.

Tandoori chicken may be the star of the show, but that doesn’t mean it’s all you have to serve when you have your next get-together.

After all, there are many sides and dishes you can pair with. If you are wondering what pairs beautifully with this grilled chicken, below are some ideas that can help you out.

What Is Tandoori Chicken?

Tandoori Chicken Dish - What to Serve with Tandoori Chicken

For those new to Indian cuisine, tandoori chicken is a chicken dish made by roasting marinated chicken inside a cylindrical clay oven called a tandoor. The chicken also marinates in yogurt, lime, and spices such as tandoori masala.

As a result, tandoori chicken has a smokey flavor while retaining its moisture and juices inside. Meanwhile, it gets its color from the seasoning used to flavor it, either cayenne pepper, red chili powder, and/or turmeric.

Tandoori chicken is one of the more versatile chicken dishes from India. In fact, it serves as the base of other cream-based curries such as butter chicken.

Reportedly created by Kundan Lal Gujral and Kundal Lal Jaggi in New Delhi, tandoori chicken is now known not just throughout India, but around the world.

What To Serve With Tandoori Chicken

1. Naan

Naan - What to Serve with Tandoori Chicken

You can eat tandoori chicken on its own, but its flavors and spices definitely call for something more. A perennial favorite that works well is naan, a type of Indian flatbread.

Naan is a great option for wrapping and eating up the flavorful chicken dish.

Naan is soft and spongy at the same time. Similar to tandoori chicken, it cooks in a tandoor oven, making it perfectly smokey and fluffy at the same time.

Apart from its cloud-like texture, the play on its subtle yogurt, milk, and butter flavors also shines through.

While the traditional plain naan works well, there are other flavors available. You can jazz it up with garlic, cheese, or other toppings to make for a more flavorful dish to balance the smokiness and spices of tandoori chicken.

2. Pulao

Pulao Side Dish - What to Serve with Tandoori Chicken

Otherwise known simply as pilaf, pulao is a rice dish containing meat and vegetables cooked in seasoned broth and other spices.

The rice drinks up the stock, making it flavorful from the inside. To top it off, nuts and other trimmings are added.

The different spices used to make this, such as coriander seeds, cumin, cloves, cardamom, and others, make pulao fragrant and tasty.

Despite this, it is still subtle enough to pair with the zesty and spiced-filled flavors of tandoori chicken.

3. Biryani

Biryani - What to Serve with Tandoori Chicken

Another type of rice or dish on our list is biryani. While it bears similarities to pulao, this is actually made by layering ingredients over one another and finishing with fried onions.

It also contains other aromatic spices, such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and saffron, thus achieving its unique yellow color.

Besides the aromatics that peek through, there’s also a level of sweetness and earthiness that comes from the fried onions.

4. Tzatziki

Tzatziki Sauce - What to Serve with Tandoori Chicken

While tzatziki isn’t exactly Indian, as it is more of a Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dish, it pairs well with tandoori chicken.

More like a dip or sauce, tzatziki is a Greek cucumber yogurt sauce. It contains cucumbers, yogurt, olive oil, fresh herbs such as dill or mint, lemon, garlic, and some salt.

This is a welcome and refreshing taste that will offset the flavor profile of tandoori chicken.

It also says that the taste of lemon and cucumber adds a bit of zest to the already creamy and tangy yogurt base, making for a play of flavors.

The creaminess of this sauce will help mellow out the flavors of your chicken, especially the chilis in it.

5. Samosas

Samosas - What to Serve with Tandoori Chicken

A famous type of Indian street food, samosas usually come with chutney and other accompaniments. Samosas are essentially fried pastries that have a savory filling in them.

The most usual fillings include spiced potatoes, onions, peas, spiced meat, and others.

While considered snacks, you can have them as a side dish and serve your tandoori chicken as the main dish. The spices are sure to complement each other with every bite.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for new sides and dishes to serve with your favorite tandoori chicken, be sure to check out these options above.

These all take the Indian chicken dish to the next level while still allowing the tandoori chicken to shine on its own.


5 Best Tandoori Chicken Side Dishes

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