Top 4 Best Rum Substitutes (Updated 2024)

rum substitutes

Are you looking for a good substitute for rum? Stick around as we share some popular alternatives you can use for rum.

With its sweet, caramel flavor, rum is an excellent choice for combining into cocktails or baked into decadent cakes.

About Rum Liquor

This alcoholic beverage has one of the most fascinating histories of any other alcoholic beverage, and it is one of the oldest.

Rum production was widespread in the Caribbean and South America by the mid-17th century. It quickly became popular in New England, where it was also manufactured.

However, regardless of how lovely rum tastes, not everyone has it readily available in their pantry.

That’s why in this article, we’ll talk about the best rum substitutes. Continue reading to learn more.

Best Rum Substitutes

1. Cognac

Cognac - Rum Substitute

Cognac is a type of brandy made specifically from white wine that has been refined. At least two years of maturation in French oak barrels is required for this type of whiskey.

The soul is made from grapes, and each jug must contain at least 40% liquor. Despite its lower alcohol percentage, this type of brandy has a more complex flavor and drier taste than Rum.

While using an expensive rum in the kitchen is a nice idea, the flavor of the rum is diminished significantly throughout the cooking process.

Cognac, on the other hand, has a powerful flavor and is best enjoyed “neat” or straight up, without anything else in the glass.

To substitute rum with cognac, use 1 teaspoon of cognac for every 2 tsp of rum required. The acidity of the cognac might overwhelm the entire dinner if it is used in excess.

2. Rum Extract

McCormick Rum Extract, 1 fl oz

Using a rum extract is the best way to get a low-alcohol rum substitute. They often include booze, water, rum, and flavorings such as vanilla and nutmeg.

Because the flavor is concentrated, a tiny bit is all that’s needed, and the alcohol content is almost undetectable.

It’s okay to substitute rum extract in place of actual rum. Rum extract works great in a variety of baked goods, including banana rum cupcakes, pies, rubs, and marinades.

3. Brandy

Brandy - Rum Substitute

Brandy, though it means “burnt wine,” has a delicate and developed essence. No one will notice that you’ve swapped out the ingredients if you use them in a mixed drink, sauce, or pastry.

For flambéing and deglazing, brandy is the way to go.

When purchasing a bottle of liquor, be sure the label states that it is at least 80-proof liquor.

When it comes to determining the correct amount of Brandy, one teaspoon is equal to two teaspoons of rum.

You may compare the amount of rum you need to the amount of brandy you need based on the amount of food you have.

4. Apple Juice

Apple Juice

In terms of flavor and consistency, apple juice should be the closest match to ordinary rum. It is produced by combining apples and sugar in a blender and cooling it.

As a result of this, apple juice now tastes like rum. In spite of this, the juice has a higher acidity than rum due to the presence of sugars and molasses.

Since apple juice has a liquid surface, it may be used in any rum recipe. It may add to the mix, season the ingredients, act as a sauce, and make the meal whole.

As a result of its ease of use, it has been so widely used.

Substitute one tablespoon of ordinary rum with one tablespoon of apple juice and half a tablespoon of vinegar by using this recipe.

Keep in mind that you want to keep your recipe as close to the original flavor as possible.


It’s not difficult to replace rum. You can bake and make alcoholic cocktails with ordinary liquors like brandy, bourbon, or tequila.

We hope that the list of alternatives above helps you choose the best substitute for rum.


4 Best Rum Substitutes

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