3 Best Substitutes for Cornflour (Updated 2024)

Cornflour Substitutes to Try

Are you missing cornflour? Do you need a good substitute for cornflour? Stick around as we share some great alternatives.

Planning on whipping up an easy, tasty gravy to go with your weeknight dinner? Or maybe some pancakes and waffles for a special breakfast?

Whatever it is you’re going for, there’s no denying that cornflour is a key pantry staple around the globe. From baking to grilling to cooking, the versatility of this ingredient knows no bounds.

Because of its many uses, people tend to forget when they’re running low on cornflour, often finding out at the last minute. The good news is that there are a number of cornflour substitutes you can use in its place.

Want to know some easy cornflour substitutes you probably already have in your pantry? Take a look at the options below.

What is Cornflour?

Cornflour substitute

Before we go any further, you might be wondering what cornflour actually is? How is it different from other starches and flours available on the market?

Well, cornflour is simply a finely-milled flour that is made from dried whole corn kernels. Because it uses the entire corn kernel, it contains a wealth of nutrients.

Fiber, protein, minerals, starch, and vitamins are just some of the offerings that come with this fine, white powder.

Depending on the type of corn used in making cornflour, the powder can appear yellow, white, or blue. This pantry staple is often used in baked goods and other similar creations as it lends dishes a sweet, earthy taste.

Flavor Profile and Uses of Cornflour

cornflour tastes similar to an ear of corn itself and this may be attributed to the way it is processed. Since the finely-milled powder uses whole dried corn kernels, it retains the unique sweetness of corn balanced by its earthy flavor profile.

When tasted raw and on its own, it imparts a slightly bitter aftertaste.

However, cooking, grilling, or baking the flour beforehand allows its natural sweetness and color to shine through.

Although cornflour is normally used in baking and cooking, it is also used for binding dishes such as puddings.

In the same way, cornflour is also utilized as a thickening agent for sauces, soups, stews, and other similar recipes. Because of its versatility and subtle flavor, cornflour may also be used as breading for different types of meat, such as chicken, pork, beef, and even fish.

Best Substitutes for Cornflour

Now that you know more about cornflour and the world of difference it can make in a number of meals and recipes, let’s explore some substitutes to help you capture the texture, mouthfeel, and taste of this ingredient. Take a look.

1. Cornstarch


One of the most commonly interchanged and confused possible substitutes is cornstarch. Though it bears similarities with cornflour, cornstarch is actually processed only using the starchy part of the corn.

However, as a whole, the fine, powdery texture of cornstarch is a close replacement for cornflour.

Cornstarch is relatively bland and flavorless compared to the cornflour, so adding seasoning might work well if you are doing savory dishes.

On its own, this ingredient can be used to thicken dishes nicely and give them a nice sheen almost instantly.

A rule of thumb when dealing with cornstarch? Mix it with hot water to avoid clumping.

2. Masa Harina

Masa Harina

Those fond of cooking Mexican food might be familiar with masa harina. Masa harina is literally dough flour that has been dehydrated in order to achieve a fine texture.

If you are making tortillas, tamales, or other dishes with similar texture, this is something you should go for as it helps achieve a slightly thicker and dense, yet light, result.

3. Cornmeal


In essence, cornmeal is just dried and ground corn. However, its texture varies from fine to coarse, so make sure to choose one that is fine if you’re looking for a cornflour substitute.

Because it does not contain gluten, it is used for making gluten-free bread with a spongey, cake-like texture.

  • DIY

In the event you do not have any of these alternatives or replacements, you may simply make your own cornflour.

Do this by grinding dried whole corn kernels until you achieve a fine, powdery consistency. Simple as that.

The Bottom Line

When you’re in a bind, don’t forget to look for these cornflour substitutes.

Not only can you find these ingredients at home, but you can also easily find these alternatives in your nearby grocery or supermarket.

Now that you know which ingredients you can use, you can stop sweating the small stuff and proceed with creating delightful dishes at home that sacrifice neither taste nor texture.


3 Best Cornflour Substitutes

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