List of Foods That Start With L

Foods That Start with L

To discover foods that start with the letter L from various parts of the globe, read on.

Food provides a  universal way of communicating with one another.

As a matter of fact, certain types of food factors in people’s culture and culinary traditions.

In many ways, the foods we eat become part of who we are. And by extension, they tie us back to our roots and keep us grounded.

At the same time, however, food opens us up a whole new scene – one filled with gastronomic delights and adventures.

Given the many types of food around the globe, you will surely find a number of foods that start with L.

Many of these items make up our day-to-day diet, while others we may have yet to familiarize ourselves with.

Popular Foods That Start With L

1. Lobster

Lobster - Foods That Start with L

When it comes to fine dining, lobster tops nearly everyone’s list – including the hottest dining establishments.

However, this crustacean also finds its way to many “holes-in-the-wall” and other coastal locations.

Before it gained prominence and became associated with luxury and opulence, lobster was considered a sign of poverty.

This held especially true in Massachusetts due to their abundance.

In fact, only servants ate them back then.

Lobsters are a type of crustacean with ten legs.

They are bottom-dwelling sea creatures that live in cold, rocky waters.

Because of their popularity and demand around the world, lobster fishing has become a billion-dollar industry.

Today, some of the most popular ways of enjoying and serving dishes include boiling and steaming.

The meat can come in sandwiches or rolls, in pasta dishes, in eggs Benedict, as the main course, and many other options.

These crustaceans contain omega-3 fatty acids, protein, selenium, and can help ward of thyroid-related diseases.

2. Lamb Chops

Lamb Chops - Foods That Start with L

Besides steak, some meat-eaters enjoy eating lamb chops.

Typically more gamey than its counterpart, lamb chops appear similar to t-bone steaks.

These tender and flavorful cutlets are highly prized gems, making them the most expensive cuts of the lamb.

Sirloin or loin chops, while thicker, can be a tad bit tougher and may command a slightly higher cooking time.

As with steaks, taste delicious served with mashed potatoes or even polenta.

They can also come alongside corn or French beans, and some mint jelly to finish it off.

3. Latke

Latke - Foods That Start with L

Latkes are a typical Jewish food served during Hanukkah.

While they have strong associations with Jewish tradition and culture, these potato pancakes are actually fashioned after Italian pancakes made of cheese.

In recent times, latkes have become synonymous with pancakes made of grated potatoes and fried to a crisp thanks to the addition of flour and shortening.

They can also be made with schmaltz to add more depth and flavor.

4. Lasagna


When it comes to traditional comfort food, lasagna ranks with the greats: pizza and fried chicken.

After all, who doesn’t love this pasta dish filled with layers of béchamel sauce and tangy tomato sauce?

And, the addition of cheese on top makes for yet another layer of melty goodness that will have you coming back for more.

In essence, lasagna, or lasagne, is an Italian dish made out of layers of stacked flat pasta.

This pasta also bears the name, lasagna.

Each layer holds ragu or meat sauce with tomato, followed by a creamy sauce, topped with cheese then baked to perfection.

5. Lychee


You might see this fruit when you go to the Asian grocery or supermarket.

After all, it catches the eye with its bright red, bumpy skin.

Native to China and other tropical regions like Florida and Hawaii, this fruit ranks as one of the sweetest, freshest, and most refreshing types you’ll come across.

While quite small, only around 1 ½ to 2 inches in diameter, lychees hold juicy white flesh underneath their prickly skin.

Once peeled, you can eat them on their own, use them in a variety of cocktails and drinks, in salads, or even in desserts.

Lychees have high vitamin B-complex and vitamin C levels.

They also have antioxidants as well as quercetin, a type of flavonoid that aids in fighting heart diseases and cancer.

They also have high fiber levels which promote good digestion and a faster metabolism.

The Bottom Line

These are just some of the foods that start with L.

While there are many other food types or dishes that start with this letter, those mentioned in this list allow you to jumpstart your journey towards learning not just about the culture and tradition of other people, but also expanding your own culinary knowledge and journey.



Foods That Start With L

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